Nothing beats spring break in Cali!

Dana Point, California is where we normally spend all of our family down time, school breaks and summer vacations. It is a beautiful, relaxing spot in Orange County right between Los Angeles and San Diego. We aren’t a big fan of Disneyland and major theme parks sucking up our money and fun. We prefer to relax as a family and let the kids make their own fun….

(We will not be hitting California on our RV trip due to us spending so much time there normally. We would love to hit northern CA, but due to time constraints we won’t be able to.)

What we love about our time in Dana Point….IMG_0692

The gorgeous sunsets and sunrises


Oceanside smashball courts


Something about California just makes the kids want to skateboard!

skateboarding in cali

Hill races at Sea Terrace Park


Wetsuits and boogie boards are all a guy needs


Recycling plastic bottles and cans for spring break cash at RePlanet


Low tide makes for some awesome treasure hunting

friends of dana point library

I love going to this used book store at our local library. Great place to find movies and books cheap!

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  1. Aunt Sue
    Aunt Sue says:

    Dear Carney Family Vagabonds,
    Love your web site with all your pictures and comments. Uncle Jim and have visited most of these wonderful sites so it was fun to see them again and imagine you being there. I am so proud of you taking on this task and what you will experience will be worth any problems you may encounter. It is a shame every one that lives in this beautiful country doesn’t try to see as much of it as they can. Our Maker sure did a wonderful job creating it just for us. GOOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!! Have a wonderful time and be safe, Love, Aunt Sue


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