I’ve been thrown into early retirement. Pushed out before my time.

My kids tiny, wiggly teeth have been replaced with mouths full of metal braces.

It’s hard to believe that my role as the Tooth Fairy is over. It’s now down to our local Dentist Brooklyn to deal with any teeth issues!

Before I pack away my wings, I want to pass along some wisdom to you on National Tooth Fairy Day.

1. Decide on your Tooth Fairy currency

Give the same amount of money consistently and make it special. Our kids woke up to a $2 bill or two $1 gold coins in place of their lost tooth.

The supposed going rate is at an all time high of almost $5 a tooth. Of course it is. I’m good with being stuck in 2006.

2. Go to the bank and stock up on decided currency

Be consistent and be prepared. Next time you’re at the bank, stock up on $2 bills, gold dollar coins or whatever you chose to give.

Dad used to travel, so I was alone a lot of nights and couldn’t rely on what I may have in my wallet at any given tooth loss. And I wasn’t about to hand out $20 bills, which is what you’re bound to do if you aren’t prepared.

3. Get a special tooth fairy pillow and storage box

Our kids used the same gold silk pillow to house their lost teeth. They will always remember this tradition and equate the $2 bill to their tooth fairy days I’m sure. Luckily for us, all of our children’s teeth fell out on there own and none of them needed to be extracted by the dentist. I wish I could say the same for my family though. My cousin had to have a couple of her teeth extracted by a dentist, similar to this Dentist in Hampton so I actually don’t think she had many opportunities to put her teeth under her pillow for the tooth fairy. This is a shame really, but I’m glad that my children got to have this experience at some point during their childhood.

As a Tooth Fairy rookie, I even scattered gold glitter from the windowsill to their pillow in my newfound excitement. That was a cute idea, but short-lived once I realized I was only making more clean up work for myself.

4. Put a reminder under your bed covers as soon as a tooth is lost

No more falling asleep and forgetting to fulfill your Tooth Fairy duties.

Whenever my kids lost a tooth, I retrieved the pillow and it’s special box, where I kept all lost baby teeth and my stash of $2 bills. I put the box under my comforter, so when I pulled down my bed covers at night I would be reminded of my role. I can’t tell you how many countless times I would’ve forgotten if I hadn’t done this!

My collection of little lost teeth are a reminder of how far we’ve traveled in our family journey. They are a tangible sign of a fleeting childhood. Enjoy this sweet role because it won’t be long before you too will be thrown into retirement before you’re ready.

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  1. L
    L says:

    I have also kept sparkle glue on hand for emergency tooth fairy notes for those unexpected dental tooth fairy jobs – ex fall and knock tooth out and have to go to emerge room throughout the evening. You only need one of these crazy incidents to want to be ready for the next kid adventure.

    • Amy Carney
      Amy Carney says:

      I love it! We certainly learn through our personal experiences don’t we? Great advice and our mishaps only add to the memories!


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