Still trying to figure out what to buy that teen for Christmas? We all know they love gift cards, but here are some fun items at a good price that they may enjoy! If you’re ordering online, do it today as time is ticking!

Here are 8 fun ideas for affordable teen Christmas gifts!

1. Polaroid Camera shaped toilet paper dispenser – $19.99

This is just plain fun. I’m sure the photo toilet paper does not feel great, but cute isn’t always comfortable as we know ladies! I’m excited about this fun find for our daughter!

2. Norwex facecloths (pack of 3)- $19.99

Tired of getting on that teen to wash their face? We use these Norwex microfiber washcloths to combat that oncoming acne and they are amazing! They come in a pack of 3 different colors which is perfect for our triplets. You just hang them up by the tag and they quickly dry and have zero odor! The best part is that there are no soap or chemicals involved at all.  (There are many other amazing products here that you have to grab for yourself as well!) Order today for shipping purposes!

3. Academic Passion Planner- $24.99

Have your heard of the Passion Planner? It is my new love for my 2016 calendar! I bought this version for our daughter who has been struggling a bit to balance her schoolwork, sports and social life. It helps girls to have inspiration. This planner did start in August, so you will only get 1/2 year use out of it, but it’s worth it. Buy some fun post it notes, highlighters and stickers and she’ll be on her way to managing her time much better! Be sure to use my email as your Passion Planner referral!

4. New Red Lokai bracelet – $18

These benefit bracelets have been all the rage in 2015. Grab the latest red one benefiting Save the Children.

5. Breathe Blessing bracelet- $11

I love all the bracelets from My Saint, My Hero. They have free shipping on all orders through Dec. 22 too!

6. Big People Coloring Books – $9

Give that girl a reason to get off of her technology and to get creative! I love these Design Original books from artist Thaneeya McArdle. Pair one of her books with a set of new colored pencils or markers!

7. Portable hammock- $13

Do your kids love the outdoors or headed to summer camp next year? Get them an affordable, portable hammock that they can even use in the backyard! I ordered this for one of my sons, but I’m just trusting the reviews. Be sure to order the tree straps too, if you think you will use those.

8. Unique Post it Note Holder – $7

You can find some really fun post it note holders right now at Staples or other office supply stores!

Only 11 days left until Christmas! Have fun shopping!

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