We read about various simple traditions created within a glass jar. We love the ideas and we’re inspired to start, yet regular life gets in the way and somehow we never get around to actually accomplishing one ourselves.

Let’s turn our intentions into action and start that meaningful glass jar tradition now.

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What if you knew you were going to die this year. Would that change the way that you lived?

Would you make different choices and decisions in your family because you knew there was an end?

I stood in the high school gymnasium bleachers, chatting with a friend about our plans for the upcoming winter break. She said their family was booked to go on a cruise but that there was a basketball game scheduled now, so they didn’t think they were going to be able to go.

I asked her, “if you knew you were going to die soon would you go on the cruise?”

Yes. All day long yes.

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Do you allow your children to receive gifts without any expectation of writing thank you notes in return?

Is having your kids write thank you notes optional?

How do I know the practice of writing thank you notes is optional in a lot of homes today? Because I rarely receive them.

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I consciously handed out Christmas cards last month to local friends to see how much I could save by forgoing stamps. It was a little experiment to bring awareness to my personal wasteful spending.

I handed out 26 cards throughout December, saving me just over $12. I purposely cut back to have some extra cash on hand for someone who may need it.

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Vision Boards are all the rage in the new year when people want to creatively visualize their dreams by cutting and pasting pictures and words to represent their goals in a visual collage.

Why not design a Belief Board instead?

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Here we are in the beginning of yet another year full of promise and hope. Have you noticed that you are already falling back into old habits? Have you chosen your One Word to guide you toward more meaning this new year?

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Before you jump in and start making your new year resolutions, goals, and dreams for the upcoming year, you must first REVIEW your 2019.

You can’t know where you are unless you take note of where you’ve been.

Reflect on your past year by answering these important questions……

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How much fun is this setup?  Thanks to Torani and their bright and colorful flavored syrups, our handcrafted soda bar was the hit of our recent adoption and Christmas parties.  A Torani Soda bar is such an easy way to bring some excitement to your guests of all ages.

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O Christmas tree. O Christmas tree. How lovely are thy ornaments…

Every December we find ourselves wrapped up in holiday traditions. My favorite ritual of the holiday season is adorning our Christmas tree. I am fully aware that it has very little to do with our reason for the season in the birth of Jesus Christ, but I do love it’s presence nonetheless.

If the ornaments on your tree could talk, do they have stories to tell?’

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What’s the worst word someone could use to describe your child?

There is a slew of cringe-worthy adjectives to choose from, but Entitled would be it for me. Spoiled brat 2019 style. I’m on a mission to parent against this ugly trait running rampant in this me, myself and I generation that we are raising our kids in.

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