Halloween is a reminder of a fleeting childhood

Planning the kids themed Halloween costumes was the highlight to my October. That is until they grew up on me and my costume coordinating services came to an end. We never even got to the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines theme! Childhood just doesn’t give us parents all the time that we need. Halloween is another reminder that there’s not enough time to fit in all of the memories that we had hoped to create. But, it was sure fun while it lasted.

Let’s fast forward to today. My three little piggies have no idea what costumes they will wear tomorrow and I’m sure the friends they’re trick-or-treating with have no plan either. Last minute works for the 14 year old boy. Daughter dear, on the other hand, has been planning her costume with her girlfriends for months.

Regardless, we’re down to the wire on this trick-or-treating thing. One son is nearly 6 feet tall and wearing a size 12 shoe. I’m just sayin’ that he may look questionable still out there knocking on doors requesting treats. There will always be Halloween parties to dress up for from here on out, but it’s hard to believe that yet another childhood right of passage is almost behind us. Once again living proof that this raising kids thing is going way too fast.

At least I have these memories that will bring me joy for a lifetime. And just maybe they will make you smile today as well. Have a safe and fun-filled Halloween and I’ll see you back here on Monday!

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  1. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Some of my very favorite memories were being your nanny at Halloween. Hard to believe in 5 short months I will be planning my holiday traditions with my baby. Loved the photos!


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