He did it.

He did it. Long overdue in my wifely opinion, but it’s done. It’s out there and now what?

Keith told the Chicago Blackhawks yesterday that he needed a year leave to take this RV trip around the USA with our family. Yikes. We don’t know what this means for his future with the team or our future in general. But, he made a very bold move for our family and you’ve got to respect his commitment to making this trip happen.

It is definitely not easy to say farewell to a job like his. The Blackhawks are an amazing organization to be a part of and our whole family loves Chicago. Keith and I met in the Windy City when he was playing for the team, so Chicago is near and dear to us.

Keith’s job sounds very “sexy” too but, it is a job that has put him on a plane almost every weekend for 7 months the past three hockey seasons. His role as Player Development Coach/Scout has him seeing many young defenseman in college or juniors in Canada. These are guys that are already drafted by the Blackhawks, but not yet signed. It is Keith’s job to go evaluate these players and help Chicago make the decision on who they should sign and who they should release. It has been fun for Keith working in his field for sure. He sees guys every weekend that he has played with or known during his lifetime in hockey.

But, weekends are busy around here. With the kids in competitive travel sports, we are either flying or driving around Arizona to games and tournaments each and every weekend. Keith’s job has left me scrambling to set up carpools and ways to just make it through most of them. He has missed a lot. It’s part of life but it’s part of the reason he wants to take a break from it too. These kids are growing up and it’s going fast.

I am proud of him for making this bold move for himself and our family. None of us knows what this means for us longterm or his future with the Blackhawks for now. They will discuss it and let him know. Does it mean that he will have to look for a whole new job when we get home or will they let him come back after? Will it mean that a move is in our future in order for him to take a different position in the Chicago organization? Who knows? We can’t dwell on what’s to come, but only the fact that we are all sacrificing and committing to each other to make this dream a reality. To be continued…

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  1. Robyn D
    Robyn D says:

    That is so great. You guys are very brave to take this step with all you have to potentially “lose”. You have so much to gain. We have been full-timing since December and have no regrets!

  2. June Da Costa
    June Da Costa says:

    Love it! Way to go Keith! A huge step of faith to you both! God will honor your commitment to your family. Enjoy and have a blast…….

  3. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Yay Keith! I am so happy for you all! I know you will look back with no regrets! You will reflect on memories made & so will your children. We only have so much time on earth so why not make each day count! Love you guys! Enjoy the ride;)

  4. Michelle Fowler
    Michelle Fowler says:


    This is awesome, I am so excited for you guys! I am glad we reconnected in time to follow this great adventure. The Fowlers are at 7 and counting in Presidential Libraries visited….. we hope to do more before becoming American citizens this year… I hope you guys don’t beat us! This nerdy historian is so excited for all the awesome Americana you all will get to experience! Godspeed!
    Michelle, Scott and the Kids XO


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