Kids don’t seem to mind the snow and rain here in Jackson Hole!

I’m sitting in the lobby of the Virginian Lodge that is attached to our RV Park in Jackson, WY. I am surrounded by animal heads looking down on me as I watch the snow fall on yet another dreary morning here. Sigh. Not exactly in my happy place and definitely not what I had envisioned for our first visit to Jackson Hole! Luckily we are here with our good friends, the Thorntons’, so it has been nice to bounce back and forth between our two motorhomes during the bad weather.

It is so much easier to write and take photos when you are traveling in beautiful weather. There’s nothing motivating or exciting about sitting around in the only winter outfit you brought on the trip day after day. Now I’ve gone from not blowdrying my hair, to not caring to even wash it. Not good. I guess these winter like temperatures, rain and snow are unusual for Jackson Hole at this time of year. I would think so, but I had imagined something other than this for our time here.


Can you see the snow coming down here at Old Faithful?

Isn’t it funny how much weather can play a huge role in our travel experiences? Take Utah for example. I really had no cares about going there. I looked at it as a state we needed to just pass through to get to here. I was really excited about what awaited us in Jackson Hole. As it turns out I thoroughly loved my time in Utah! Hiking through Zion and Bryce Canyon’s beautiful blue skies was amazing, as was our time touring around Salt Lake and Park City! I can’t wait to go back and visit the other three National Parks there one day. Not bad for a state that wasn’t even on my radar. Perhaps the sunny warm days helped my perception of my time there?

For close to two weeks we were blessed with sun and temps like we are used to in Arizona. Then we got to Wyoming and we haven’t seen the sun except for a few hours our entire week here. It’s a good reminder of why we moved to Arizona in the first place. It’s not inspiring living amongst the clouds! Why does it surprise us though when we don’t get the perfect weather we had hoped for on vacation?


Getting pelted with snow and hail while we try and listen to the Junior Ranger talk at Old Faithful in Yellowstone!

We certainly have had some fun here despite the weather. We hiked around Old Faithful in Yellowstone and explored some trails yesterday in Grand Teton. We’ve hit the Rodeo and done some bike riding, but all of it has been done bundled up or with an umbrella in tow. Even bad weather can’t deny the beauty of these National Parks though!



Phelps Lake in Grand Teton National Park

A couple days left here in Wyoming before we move to Lava Hot Springs. I don’t think we will ever forget our winter experience in Jackson Hole. Maybe inclement weather is not necessarily a bad thing? It creates unexpected memories that just maybe would’ve been lost in times of only warmth and sun.



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  1. Gail smith
    Gail smith says:

    Love Yellowstone! Like all mountains the weather can change in an instant, but the children will always remember this!

  2. Heather LeBlanc
    Heather LeBlanc says:

    Oh my gosh! I knew it was going to rain (had my fingers crossed it was just going to be a little), but snow!! I’m guessing no mosquito’s though!??? It was so nice to see you guys there even though it was brief. Hope the rest of your trip is just as eventful. 🙂

    • admin
      admin says:

      I know! You jinxed us! Not a great weather week, but you’re right, no mosquitoes until today’s nice day! We are off tomorrow…. It was fun meeting you alongside the highway. Maybe next year we’ll take a trip out together! Thanks for meeting us!!

  3. Candace
    Candace says:

    Snow or not, what a beautiful destination! Admittedly, I’d could have done without the snow though. We just got rid of ours here in Ottawa in April this year. YUCK!


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