Who can’t help but be drawn to the old-world charm of Savannah, Georgia? Voted one of the 10 Most Beautiful Places in America by USA Weekend Magazine, it definitely lived up to it’s name! Savannah was our only chosen stop in Georgia.


We made it our mission to walk the 22 squares and parks of Savannah which are the community’s most beloved icons. These are a couple pictures of beautiful Emmet Park before we headed down to stroll along River Street, with it’s shops and restaurants housed in one-time cotton warehouses.


This was our view from our lunch spot at Vic’s on The River, which was awesome! Check it out if you get a chance. The ambiance, food and prices were great! Since we’re on the topic of food- we went to Paula Deen’s famous restaurant The Lady & Sons. Can I say mediocre? Skip it.


We set up camp at the Savannah South KOA and were very impressed with the southern hospitality of the staff here! We enjoyed the 35 acre lake setting where they raise over 40 of their own swans.


We decided to watch the sunset at Savannah’s beach on Tybee Island.


Oh the joys of boys. Triplet 13-year-old boys to be exact. This is how we spent our evening at Tybee Island. Watching the boys wrestle each other to the ground and loving every minute of it. This boy behavior is so foreign to me, as someone who grew up with just a younger sister. I don’t understand it, but I’m glad my husband, who is the youngest of four boys, does. If you’re a Momma of boys, are you feeling me?


Have at it boys. Enjoy yourselves while we sit on this swing and enjoy the sunset. I handed my camera over to our daughter to take some pictures so she’d have something to do other than find herself in the male pileup!


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  1. Bobbie Allgood
    Bobbie Allgood says:

    I raised 5 sons. Three of the boys are my stepsons and I have two. My husband was a wrestling coach. The stories I could tell. When our youngest was a toddler the older boys put him in the dryer—-and turned it on. They informed me however that they had padded him with many pillows. Luckily they are all grown now and lived to tell about it. Just hold on and try to enjoy the ride!!!!

    • admin
      admin says:

      Bobbie! Thanks for the laughs! It is definitely an interesting ride with boys! I’m surprised mine never thought of the dryer idea!


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