Living a great story involves changing the way we approach life. Attending the Storyline Conference helped me clarify what a meaningful life looks like and how life is my story to create.

I wasn’t familiar with Author and Storybrand founder Donald Miller until a friend introduced me to Storyline. I gained a lot during my time with him and I want to pass along that wisdom to you my friends.

9 Inspirations from Donald Miller

1. Your children are learning what’s beautiful to pursue from you.

I had to put this first, because when he said this, I wanted to get up and shout a big, loud Amen with my hands in the air. I know my children’s eyes are on me. They’re watching what I’m doing with my life and yours are watching you too. If we love life and the people around us, it’s a safe bet that it will come more naturally for them to do the same. Don’t just talk about what is meaningful to you. Do it. Show them. Lead the way. What are you modeling for your kids?

2. A life story makes sense when the characters know what they want.

You can’t get to where you want to go in life if you don’t have a game plan. What do you want the end of your life to look like? Most screenwriters begin their stories by writing the ending first. It’s much easier to write a story when you know how you want the ending to turn out. The same is true in our own lives.

3. Define what lights your heart up.

Sometimes we forget what it is that we love to do. We get so busy in our family member’s lives that we take on their activities and interests as our own. What is it that makes your soul sing?

4. Put a little something on the plot every day.

Big goals and dreams take watering. Don’t get hijacked by the routine of an ordinary day. It feels comfortable and it feels safe, but we’re meant to do so much more. The world needs you and I. It needs us to show up with meaning and purpose. What can you add to the plot of your life story today?

5. Challenges make a story meaningful.

Please don’t give me conflict and challenges. I really prefer the easy, less stressful road. But, it’s true a life story with no challenges is meaningless. I think about the pivotal times in my life and they all came with risk and stepping out of my comfort zone. They haven’t come while leisurely shopping in my yoga pants. Are you comfortable with inviting challenge and conflict into your life?

A note from one of the foster girls I’ve mentored. Just showing up in love is all that’s required.

6. Life can be more meaningful for someone else if you help them believe.

This made me think of why I love mentoring foster kids. Everyone needs someone to believe in them. It’s simple, but so true for all of us. Are you helping others to believe in themselves?

7. Life doesn’t make sense unless you’re in the middle of a story.

This explains why I feel out of sorts when I’m stagnant. On our RV trip around the USA, life made sense. We were living life exactly how we wanted and it was exciting. It was our journey to conquer and it was exhilarating, yet challenging. But, now that we are back to reality, life just feels ordinary a lot of the time. It’s up to us to create a life story amidst the mundane. Are you willing to add a new chapter?

Carney Kids Hiking

We were in the middle of an amazing life story during our 6 month family RV sabbatical around the USA!

8. God did not create us to live in reaction but to be co-creators of a meaningful life.

Don’t wait on life to happen to you. Instead get quiet so that you can hear God speak into you. It’s scary sometimes because what He puts in your heart are not usually easy things. He isn’t usually leading us to a Spa in the mountains. Sometimes we keep ourselves busy so we don’t have to listen. Busy isn’t going to lead us to a great life story unfortunately. Are you willing to work alongside God for a more meaningful life?

9. Invest in people because they do beautiful things.

I can’t believe how many amazing initiatives are going on in the world. There is a lot of tragedy, suffering and sadness right now, but there a lot of people out there spreading hope and love too. Come alongside those that inspire you. Who are you supporting in their causes?

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