You Win in the Locker Room First

You Win in the Locker Room First Book Review!

What exactly are the 7 C’s to building a winning team in business, sports and life? You’ll have to grab Jon Gordon’s latest release, You Win in the Locker Room First to find out exactly. As a part of the Author’s Launch Team, I received this book to review and was super excited to read it as Gordon’s books are […]


Love Goes

I truly thought the book I’ve been reading was called Love Goes. I even told friends they needed to go buy it. Bob Goff’s bestseller is actually titled Love Does. I didn’t even realize that I had switched a letter to make the title my own. Obviously I believe that Love Goes too. Where does love take you? Love is why I head […]


How did our family sabbatical affect our marriage?

As I reflect on our family sabbatical around the USA, I can’t help but think about how it affected our marriage. As Keith and I celebrate 17 years of matrimony today, I am in awe of how this epic trip strengthened us as husband and wife. I knew that taking this profound journey would be […]


Our top 10 favorite spots from our 2014 travels around the USA!

“So, where was your favorite place?” It’s everyone’s first question to us when talking about our epic adventure around the USA. It’s almost an impossible question to answer really. There are so many wonderful parts to our country. I’m going to give you our families Top 10, listed in no particular order.  Be sure you click […]


6 Things you Need to pull off a Family Sabbatical!

Our family returned home to Arizona two weeks ago after a 6 month motorhome journey around the entire USA. My blog will now be a place for reflection and inspiration based on our experiences from the road! 1. Tenacity It takes a lot of determination to follow through with a journey such as ours. People […]

AT&T phone purchase

iParenting- Our Cell Phone Contract for kids!

Did you draw up a contract with your child before handing over that cell phone? A parent-child cell phone agreement is a great way to discuss expectations and individual accountability upfront before that device ever lands in their hands. We have been withholding the privilege of cellphones for our kids until now. We could’ve gone forever without giving in […]


7 fun tips for family life in an RV!

Camping season is upon us! How many of you are out there enjoying the great outdoors in your RV? We’re gearing up to spend July in dear Ally B, so I compiled a list of some handy ideas for making RV life perhaps a bit easier and less expensive! 1. Most campgrounds unfortunately come with bugs. […]


How playful is your family?

When I think of our FAMILY and the word PLAY, I think perhaps that ship has sailed. Our kids are all in middle school, so there isn’t a lot of interest in play time anymore, is there? There’s a lot of playing around perhaps. And the term “playdate” has long been replaced with “hangout.” But, […]