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One of the places that I was most excited about staying along our journey was on the Serenity Sheep Farm in Belgrade, Montana. Mind you, I am not a farm girl. When you grow up in Indiana everyone concludes that you must’ve grown up surrounded by tractors and pigs. Sorry to disappoint, but growing up in Indianapolis kept me a city girl!

But, I wanted our family to experience staying on a working farm during our US travels as I think it’s such a beautiful part of our countries culture. With the unbelievable internet at my fingertips, I found what looked like the perfect farm for us.  Lavonne’s Serenity Sheep Farm was exactly what I had hoped for and more.

This was our first time boondocking ( def: To camp in a dry brushy location; To stay in a recreational vehicle in a remote location, without connections to water, power, or sewer services.) We are able to go a couple of days without hooking up and relying on our generator. I don’t understand the process at all, but I just know we did it with no problem. We can proudly say that our big rig was the first of it’s kind to stay on the property! LaVonne, her husband Chris and her father-in-law were amazingly accommodating and made us feel very relaxed and welcome.


The cool surprise for us was the amazing outdoor shower and fun outhouse right in front of our RV that we could use. Animals were always just wandering around us at all times.



The kids just loved the friendly goats on the property! They were able to pet them anytime they wanted as well as milk one both mornings we were there!



The kids couldn’t keep themselves away from Lavonne’s backyard where all of the poultry animals live! They helped collect eggs and chased the chicken around for hours!




After the morning farm chores, Lavonne sat down with the kids and taught them a needle felting project. They all made adorable little owls from the sheeps wool, all under the beautiful shade trees in her backyard.


The turkeys kept a close eye on Morgan’s work!


The finished project!


More and more animal fun…



The kids also loved riding bikes just up the street to jump off the bridge into the East Gallatin River!


We had to drag the kids out of here and they are already asking if we can stay on another farm or definitely come back here one day! We all highly recommend visiting Serenity Sheep Farm if you are looking for a relaxed, really affordable authentic farm experience. LaVonne has these two adorable wagons on the property that you can stay in or set up your own tent stay! I’m even thinking of coming back here with just a girlfriend to relax and visit the nearby town of Bozeman. We feel so blessed to have been surrounded by such beauty, even for only a couple of days!



Our time was short, but oh so sweet in the beautiful city of Seattle, Washington! Keith and I had both been to the city before but not with the kids. It was fun to see everything through their eyes and enjoy beautiful sunny weather here as well! Here’s how we enjoyed our first 24 hours…

Sea glass hunting and fish and chips for a sunset dinner at Alki Beach!

IMG_0927 IMG_5697

A perfect way to start any day in Seattle… in Pike Place Market


and you of course have to have a frappucino at the very 1st Starbucks!


I love wandering around the market. There’s amazing art and foods. Frank’s is one of my favorites for produce. I bought one of their hand painted canvas shopping bags the first time I came to Seattle and I use it for my groceries at home all of the time!


I’d never been to the gum wall, let alone heard of it, until these kids took me here! Yuck!!


Can you spot the Carney crew amidst the mayhem of ABC gum? If you too want to visit this lovely spot when you come to Seattle, just take the stairs down from the popular Pike Place Fish Co., where they throw the fish around, and turn left down Post Alley.


We ended our day with the infamous Ride the Duck Tour, which takes you on a tour by land and then into Lake Union for part of the trip. It was lots of fun and we enjoyed seeing Gasworks Park from the Lake. We even had a picnic over there the next day!


Our 2nd 24 hours…..

We are a family who loves our donuts, so we had to try Seattle’s Top Pot Donuts! They actually made the donuts for Starbucks up until a few years ago.


We then headed to Fremont for most of the day. Our kids are big into the Geocaching craze and we were able to set up a visit to the Geocaching Headquarters here. Pretty hip and fun place with 70 plus employees now working for their parent company Groundspeak. I have a separate post coming all about Geocaching if you have no idea what I’m talking about… stay tuned!


There are beautiful views of the waterfront behind the Geocaching Headquarters too.  You could see Mount Rainier in the distance. Can you spot it?


Fremont’s Troll Under the Bridge is a fun find! I’m so glad Geocaching brought us over to this side of the city. It was a fun area with interesting shops and restaurants too!


We decided to catch the monorail from Westlake Center Mall over to see the Space Needle. It was a quick, inexpensive and fun way to get over there. We did not spend the money to go up to the top of the Needle or to do any of the awesome museums in that area. It gives a good reason to come back one day!


The monorail goes right between the EMP Museum and the Space Needle!

From the Space Needle we walked down to Olympic Sculpture Park for another gorgeous sunset.


Goodnight Seattle! We had a blast exploring your beauty!


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