Lava Hot Springs, Idaho family fun!

Thinking of planning an Idaho getaway?  This week I’ll be posting three unique options for some Idaho outdoor family fun. Today’s suggestion is to head to Lava Hot Springs, which is located in the southeastern portion of the state. It is almost a 13 hour drive from either Phoenix, AZ or Seattle, WA, and only 2 […]


6 Things you Need to pull off a Family Sabbatical!

Our family returned home to Arizona two weeks ago after a 6 month motorhome journey around the entire USA. My blog will now be a place for reflection and inspiration based on our experiences from the road! 1. Tenacity It takes a lot of determination to follow through with a journey such as ours. People […]


Beauty at Top of the Rock near Branson!

Our two favorite places we found when visiting Branson, Missouri were the College of the Ozarks and our adventure at Top of the Rock. Ok- neither of them are exactly in Branson, but just on the southern edge. At Top of the Rock we took a self driven tour by golf cart along beautiful paved paths and […]


Visit Hard Work U when in the Ozarks!

After dropping our kids off at summer camp in Branson, Missouri it was time to explore the Ozark region and check out what the area had to offer. At a time when there is much talk about what is wrong with the nation, College of the Ozarks, exemplifies what is right with America. Founded in 1906, the College of […]


5 reasons we are sending our kids off to sleep away summer camp

Do you have a family plan? Do you regularly evaluate your family life and what your desired outcomes are for when your offspring grow up and fly? Are you intentional about accomplishing your desires for your kids while they are under your roof even if it’s not convenient? Don’t just live in the today. Think […]


5 Top Doughnut spots around the USA!

Some people take a road trip around the country visiting all the baseball parks or seeking out infamous burger stands everywhere they go. Our family somehow started seeking out the top doughnuts across the country during our motorhome travels. It’s a good thing that my scale was broken when we returned home because I probably […]


You Can Take Six Months Off!

It’s hard to believe that today-June 2- marks the one year anniversary of when we headed off in our newly purchased motorhome on our family sabbatical around the USA. It’s been one year since we left and six months since we returned. Time sure does fly! This past year has no doubt been one of […]