How to Live a Great Story with Bob Goff (part 2 of 4)

If you haven’t met Bob Goff or heard him speak yet, do yourself a favor and get him on your 2016 calendar. He will inspire you to love extravagantly and to send more cake pops! He is full of energy and life and spends his professional days as an author, a lawyer and a professor at Pepperdine Law School. […]


What does it take to live a Great Story? (Part 1 of 4 part series)

Living a great story involves changing the way we approach life. Attending the Storyline Conference helped me clarify what a meaningful life looks like and how life is my story to create. This 4 part Storyline series will introduce you to inspirations from various influencers who helped me look at life differently. Just what does it take to live a […]


What does it take to be Interesting?

What makes a life interesting?   My friend, Kelly, worked a profitable direct sales business with me for a few years, until we both quit when it no longer served our souls. Her new passion involves making homemade kombucha and baking super healthy, gluten free baked goods for Fermentation Farm in Huntington Beach. When she talked […]

AT&T phone purchase

iParenting- Our Cell Phone Contract for kids!

Did you draw up a contract with your child before handing over that cell phone? A parent-child cell phone agreement is a great way to discuss expectations and individual accountability upfront before that device ever lands in their hands. We have been withholding the privilege of cellphones for our kids until now. We could’ve gone forever without giving in […]


Love Goes

I truly thought the book I’ve been reading was called Love Goes. I even told friends they needed to go buy it. Bob Goff’s bestseller is actually titled Love Does. I didn’t even realize that I had switched a letter to make the title my own. Obviously I believe that Love Goes too. Where does love take you? Love is why I head […]


My Baptism Day

Yesterday I had one of those Sunday mornings when I really didn’t feel like going to church. It was one of those Sunday mornings when it felt right that our entire family was home in our pajamas relaxing after coming off a week’s cruise vacation with extended family. It was one of those Sundays that […]


5 reasons our kids won’t be using UBER

“You can’t take us to the mall, Mom? It’s ok, we can just UBER it,” says my almost 13 year old. Excuse me?  Come to find out, this is really going on in the area where we live. Today teens need to get somewhere and Mom, Dad or Grandma isn’t available or willing, they can just […]


Time for a Family Meeting

I wouldn’t say last week was one of my better ones. My throat is scratchy from all the nagging and raising my voice (otherwise known as yelling) in frustration to my family. Every last one of them has been driving me nuts. Maybe you can relate? We are on each other more than normal and […]