Kids will battle boundaries placed on their technology. It’s their job to fight you on your dumb rules Mom and Dad.

And it’s your job as a parent to stay in the ring and fight the good fight.

The last thing you want to do is give your child an iPhone and then stick your head in the sand.

Parents, we must engage in the battles that come along with allowing our kids the privilege of today’s technology.

What battles are you willing to fight when it comes to your data draining screenager?

We’ve allowed our children to own smartphones and other technology, now it’s our job to teach them how to properly balance their digital temptations. If you’re the one paying for the devices, wifi or data plans, you’re the one in charge of setting the rules and sticking to them.

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All too often we feel overwhelmed while raising our kids.

Unfortunately, all too often our overwhelm paralyzes our parenting and we don’t accomplish all that we hope to for our families. We’ve got many ideas and things we want to do, but somehow another day passes without us actually implementing any of them.

Here’s a recent email that I received and my response.

Dear Amy,

I have a young family with 4 children- daughter (7) twin sons (4) and daughter (2.5). I feel so overwhelmed that my intentions get paralyzed and I don’t take the actions I want for our family. I want to create traditions, I want to travel, I want more one on one time with my kids. I want to have family meetings and lessons but I’m too paralyzed and I’m not taking action. I’m afraid that I can’t have the family of my dreams that I want to have. If you have any advice at all, I’m all ears.

Signed, Overwhelmed

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We parents today are fantastic at telling our babies how wonderful they are at everything they do.

We slap stickers of their sports team logos and the schools they attend on the backs of the cars that we shuttle them around in.

We happily tout their sports victories and weekend wins on social media for all to see.

We parents are proud of our kids.

Perhaps what our kids need from us more than constant pats on the back is a healthier dose of reality. Along with telling Johnny what a gift to the world he is, we need to also make sure he understands these things…

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Forgotten homework. Instrument. Water bottle. PE Uniform. Lunch. Cell phone. And the list goes on.

You name it and our kids will forget it. And then they’ll want us to deliver it.

How do we respond, instead of react, to their pleas for help?

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