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One Valentine’s Day Tradition You Want to Start

One gift that you may want to give your family members this year for Valentine’s Day is 14 Hearts of Loving Affirmation because there’s nothing better we can do than speak and write loving truths to our loved ones. It’s never too late to start this easy, yet meaningful Valentine’s Day tradition in your home!(And […]


Why You Need to Make Your Bed

How we choose to start our day matters. My husband and I have an unwritten rule that whoever gets up last is in charge of making up the bed. The entire bed. Decorative pillows and all. For a long time, I would get up and contemplate if anyone was coming over during the day who […]

How to Start A Christmas Jar Family Tradition

As parents, we should continuously seek out ways to live out the values that we deem most important. Several years ago I read a blog post about the Christmas Jars and knew this tradition would be a perfect way to teach our children about the power of generosity and giving more than you receive.  What […]