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One Communication Tool to Create this Summer

While many of us are finding ourselves at home with our family members during this season of the Coronavirus pandemic, it can be challenging to figure out positive ways to spend our time while helping our kids grow in the process. Two important areas we can devote our efforts to right now is strengthening family […]


5 Ways to Parent on Purpose During This Pandemic

This too shall pass.  As unsettling as living through this pandemic is, we need to remember that this season of Coronavirus confinement is just that- a season. It will eventually end. And if we don’t let our grievances and circumstances consume us, we can proactively use this time to our advantage in simple ways. Let’s […]


One Valentine’s Day Tradition You Want to Start

One gift that you may want to give your family members this year for Valentine’s Day is 14 Hearts of Loving Affirmation because there’s nothing better we can do than speak and write loving truths to our loved ones. It’s never too late to start this easy, yet meaningful Valentine’s Day tradition in your home!(And […]