7 Ways to Add Excitement to Your Family New Year’s Eve Party!

Ushering in the New Year as a family can be a blast with just a little effort on your part. Here are seven ways to entertain the kids and easily make your family’s New Year’s Eve party memorable for all.

1. Make bags for the kids to open each hour up until midnight

I usually start letting the kids open goodie bags beginning at 8:00. These bags give them something to look forward to as they count down each hour until midnight. Each bag contains a variety of poppers, sparklers, noisemakers, candy, or treats.

2. Freeze dance parties

After the kids open their bags, we start our hourly freeze dance party until we’re down to one winner. It keeps everyone laughing and looking forward to the next hourly celebration!

3. Turn your Christmas tree into a New Years one

We always leave our tree up until after the new year, so turning it into a New Year tree is a lot of fun! I love this idea of adding balloons, filled with money and fortunes, to pop at midnight. You probably need to have a faux tree like ours to do that though.

4. Play fun, interactive games


Especially if they involve a little money. We always play Left, Center, Right using pennies or quarters to make it a little more fun for everyone. Other games we love to play are Telestrations, Speak Out, and Wits and Wagers which get the creativity and laughs flowing!

5. Serve festive drinks

How about a fun Torani Soda Bar setup? Or sparkling cider in plastic stemware is always a fun option for the kids.

6. Make Vision Hats or Choose Your One Word for 2021

A friend gave me the idea of turning our New Years’ hats into walking vision boards. Such a fun idea! Have everyone cut out pictures and words from magazines representing what they hope for in 2022 and glue them to their party hat! Or start thinking about your One Word for the new year.

7.  Print family conversation starters

  • Cut these up and put them in a New Years Hat.
  • Pass them around and have each person answer the question they draw.
  • OR print this entire list and have everyone answer all 20 questions!

1. What new friendship did you make this year?

2. What friendships did you let go of?

3. How did you express creativity this year?

4. How did you serve others?

5. How did you live out your faith?

6. What was the most fun thing you did this year?

7. Who did you miss seeing this year?

8. Who did you love visiting with this year?

9. What moment from 2021 brings a smile to your face?

10. What’s something sad that happened in 2021?

11. How were you courageous this year?

12. How did you relax this year?

13. What was the best place you visited this year?

14. What new restaurant did you enjoy this year?

15. What’s something new you tried in 2021?

16. What movie did you love watching this year?

17. What was your favorite book that you read?

18. What was a favorite gift you received this year?

19. Who helped you be a better person this year?

20. What’s something that surprised you in 2021?



Happy New Year Friends! 

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