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I’ve never been more thankful for technology than I am today. Our devices and connection to the internet allow us regular communication with our college kids and loved ones around the country.

Yet, this same technology that connects us to the vast world also has the power to disconnect us in our own homes if we’re not careful.

So, what can we parents do to set our loved ones up for success when it comes to digital devices?

Here are 5 Ways to Set Your Family up for Screen-Time Success 

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Navigating technology has become the biggest challenge we face as parents today. As we raise our children amidst the omnipresence of digital devices, it’s not necessarily the gadgets themselves that are the issue; rather, it’s our consumption habits and the time we spend engrossed in screens that demand scrutiny.

In this modern era, it’s imperative that we carve out intentional screen-free time and spaces in our children’s lives, fostering a healthy balance between virtual and real-world experiences.

Here are 3 Ways to Create Healthier Screen Time Habits in Your Home

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Kids will battle boundaries placed on their technology. It’s their job to fight you on your dumb rules Mom and Dad.

And it’s your job as a parent to stay in the ring and fight the good fight.

The last thing you want to do is give your child an iPhone and then stick your head in the sand.

Parents, we must engage in the battles that come along with allowing our kids the privilege of today’s technology.

What battles are you willing to fight when it comes to your data draining screenager?

We’ve allowed our children to own smartphones and other technology, now it’s our job to teach them how to properly balance their digital temptations. If you’re the one paying for the devices, wifi or data plans, you’re the one in charge of setting the rules and sticking to them.

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