A Simple Way to Strengthen Communication with Your Child

In our fast-paced world, finding meaningful ways to connect with our children can sometimes be challenging. However, the dialogue journal is a simple yet powerful tool that has stood the test of time. 

Creating a dialogue journal with your child helps them:

  • Improve their penmanship.
  • Get more comfortable expressing their thoughts, feelings, and ideas through the written word.
  • Think about the thoughts and feelings of another in this interactive form of communication.
  • Create a keepsake from their childhood to be cherished later.

What you need to start a Dialogue Journal

You only need a simple notebook and a writing instrument to start your dialogue journal. Nothing fancy is required. I even like to recycle the kids’ old school notebooks with plenty of unused pages. (Rip out the used pages!)


As the parent, you begin the journal by writing ‘Dear Son or Daughter’ and the date. Then, tell your child something about your day and ask them a question. Leave the notebook on their bed, or somewhere they will naturally find it. Then, your child is to write you back in the same format, asking you a question as well. The journal gets casually passed back and forth, creating improved penmanship, communication, and a keepsake to cherish.

The beauty lies in the simplicity of the process. Placing the journal on your child’s bed or a familiar spot becomes a silent cue for them to discover your words.

Tips for Elevating Your Dialogue Journal Experience:

  1. Creative Covers: Infuse life into the journal by decorating the cover with memorable photos or inspiring quotes. Let it reflect the essence of your unique relationship.
  2.  Beyond Parent-Child: Extend the practice to friends or loved ones who live locally. A simple drop-off and pick-up can turn your journal into a relationship-building tool. I used this practice to build a relationship with the foster teen I mentored for years. 


Strengthen your family communication by starting dialogue journals with your children. Not only will your son or daughter learn pertinent skills doing so, but you will also intentionally create a keepsake to be cherished tomorrow along the way.

Have you done a dialogue journal with your child before?


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