How do you still carve out time to play as a family as the kids get older? Family game time used to come easily and often in our family. But, as time has progressed that simple down time seems to come at a premium.

Friends, sports and activities leave us little time for family togetherness. It’s up to us as parents to actually schedule in some play time for our families. Now, don’t let the kids know that you’ve got a family fun agenda brewing. That will be a sure way to lose every last one of them to making a plan of their own.

You have to be on the sly and make sure it involves food. Bring out a new game and before you know it, the family will be engaged in some old school fun that they didn’t even see coming.


Mini Babybel sent our family a weekend fun pack of a new game, movie gift cards, a fort building kit, a sweepstakes entry and a variety of their yummy cheeses to try in exchange for this post. My kids love the Original Mini Babybel so this was a fun opportunity to try some of their other flavors.

Having kids in braces limits snack options for us right now as well, so Mini Babybel cheese rounds are the perfect answer. I’m not sure if my kids love the taste of the cheese itself or the entertainment of peeling off that signature red wax packaging


I put the variety of Mini Babybel rounds in a bowl in the middle of us. Each round of the game the winner could pick one. Competition with reward is always a good way to get teens to actually engage in playing a game.

After awhile the kids made their own game by trying to catch the Babybel cheese rounds from their forehead in to their mouths. They thought it wasn’t a good idea to show you the game of dodgeball that ensued after with the leftover red wax wrappings from the cheese. The point is we shared laughter in our silly togetherness, all while enjoying a healthy snack of Mini Babybel.


Did you know each serving of Mini Babybel’s 100% natural cheese delivers at least 4 grams of protein and 15% of your daily calcium needs- all for 70 calories or less. Mini Babybel comes in seven varieties, from classic Original to smooth Mozzarella style. Be sure to pick up a variety of Mini Babybel for your next Friday Family Fun night!


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