Dear Teacher of my Beloved Middle School Student,

I understand that it’s that time of year that I have been asked to send in daily treats of Monday’s flower, Tuesday’s favorite snack, Wednesday’s gift card, Thursday’s school supply and Friday’s personal note all in the name of National Teacher Appreciation Week. I thought that in middle school perhaps I would be free of this daunting schedule, put out lovingly by our APT, but obviously that is not the case. The problem is, I’m in the business of picking parental battles and asking my almost 14 year old son to carry a flower for you on to the bus, isn’t one I’m willing to fight for. Please don’t take this personal.

Unlike the elementary school days, you and I don’t know one another. We wouldn’t even recognize each other if we passed in the grocery store. Now that I’m no longer needed in the classroom, our relationship is pretty non-existent.

But I do want you to know that you are appreciated every day.


I am grateful that you have found it in your heart to come to this wonderful school and teach our children. God Bless you for that. In celebration of this special week for you as a teacher, I wanted to share with you how I try to honor you in our home each and every day.

  • I teach your student about personal responsibility and doing his best, in the hopes that he can come to school prepared and make your job perhaps a little bit easier. We talk about kindness and compassion and the importance of treating you and his classmates with respect.
  • I expect him to comb his hair, put on clean clothes, get all the leftover breakfast out of his braces and remember the deodorant, all to help make your classroom a little more pleasant. If you happen to have him after PE, I apologize and can’t be held responsible for that.
  • When he complains that the school work is boring or that you weren’t at your best that day, I stand up for you. I tell him that you have the toughest job on the planet, for very little pay, and that I could not imagine ever having to do what you do. That’s right, I’ve got your back. You never have to worry about that.
  • We have not given our child a cell phone so that you may have his full attention. With Clash of Clans beeping in the backpack, you may stand no chance otherwise.
  • I don’t hold a position on the APT because I frankly don’t want to. But, I do volunteer my time and work hard to help our school earn money because I know it is important for you to have technology, aides and supplies in order to do your best.
  • I thank you for allowing my darling to grow and learn under your daily care and for reaching out to me when I need to know that he has crossed the line. Your understanding that this is the time we want him learning from his mistakes is appreciated. When my child pleads his case on why you may have it all wrong, I explain to him that perception is reality. You win.
  • I believe in you and will not question what you do or why you are doing it the way you are. And I assume that you feel the same for me as a parent. We are both doing our best.

Happy National Teacher Appreciation Week! It certainly takes a village and I’m so lucky to have you as a part of ours. Oh and your gift card is on it’s way…..


Mom of your Beloved Middle School Student


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  1. Sherry(
    Sherry( says:

    I love this post. In many ways the Middle school teachers are more important that the younger grades because they shape will thy continue to love school when it is hard and difficult. They have a great influence on that the children will love or have the power to turn that love off. One bad teacher can change the course of a childs future. My son will not allow the gift any more but the teachers are well loved.

  2. Joanne Simons
    Joanne Simons says:

    Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for this wonderful post. I am so happy to have one of yours this year and had one last year in my science classroom. I just love your words and your taking the time to write them. Thanks for all your support and for raising children that are smiling, conscientious, and respectful every day. Oh and thanks ahead of time for the gift card! 🙂

  3. Cheri Stegall
    Cheri Stegall says:

    Thank you so very much for your kind and heartfelt thoughts. I could not agree more with your sentiments. Your children truly are exemplary examples of what you have taught them, of cleanliness, of honor, of respect for teachers and their peers. You can tell a lot about family dynamics from middle school student behavior, and I applaud you for raising your children to be respectful, polite young men, who consistently go out of their way at the end of class to thank me and wish me a great day. That helps make each day a wonderful day! I love what I do, and cannot see me doing anything else at this point, and your children help me see that what I am trying to do every day, even when I do lose my temper or get bad news or wonder how to get through another hurdle, is perhaps making a difference in my students’ lives. Thank you, Mrs. Carney!


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