Family Fun at Biosphere 2 in Southern Arizona

Looking for an educational experience for all the family to enjoy?

 Biosphere 2 is an active scientific-research facility located just north of Tucson, Arizona. Our family decided to take the 90-minute drive south to see what this scientific phenomenon was all about!


The world-renowned Biosphere 2 was created to better understand how natural environments generate conditions appropriate for life.

B2 is the largest closed system ever created and was once home to live-in mission teams who explored the workings of Biosphere 1 (the Earth) by living here for almost two years. The University of Arizona now runs public tours to help pay for the facility and support education programs like summer camps and teacher development.


Guided Walking Tours are offered every 30-45 minutes daily from 9:30- 4 p.m. The 75-minute tour is the only way you can go inside and explore Biosphere 2’s simulated tropical rain forest as well as the ocean, savannah, and coastal fog desert biomes. If you are an active family, you will find the 1-mile journey very easy.

There are quite a few stairs and the tour begins a short walk from the admission center, so do wear comfortable walking shoes. We were told it would be very hot and humid inside, but that wasn’t the case for us at all. We were actually very cold, so I suggest wearing layers so you are comfortable!


Admission is $25 for adults and $15 for kids 5 to 17.

Save your ticket stubs, as they are partially tax-deductible since you are supporting research!

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  1. Yvonne Blush
    Yvonne Blush says:

    Amy I was privileged to visit this facility when it was first built and had occupants. I found it most interesting. It was hard to believe people would volunteer to live there for 2 years. I think at that time it was 7 or 8 people. Glad to hear it is still a viable experiment.

    • admin
      admin says:

      Yvonne! That is awesome! Would’ve been so interesting to see it when the occupants were there. When touring the residential area of the facility, it seemed hard to believe that people really did live there for 2 years straight! Pretty wild! Thanks for reaching out!


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