I’m going to miss setting my coffee down in this cup holder in the RV!

I wish you were here with me and could hear all the glorious sounds around my house. It’s the joy of teenage boys playing pick up football in our backyard. The whirring of the sno-cone maker out back as neighborhood girlfriends get back to business as usual like no time has passed between them. Yes, my kids are thrilled to be home and reunited with their buddies. And I have to say, so am I.


It’s our relationships and daily connections that we all missed while we were exploring the country.  I’m so grateful for the community of friends that we have here in Arizona. One dear pal brought over a wonderful homemade meal for us to enjoy on the night we arrived home while others stopped by, sent excited texts or called to welcome us home. We have been missed and are loved for sure. But, the material piece of being home feels very overwhelming. It’s not easy transitioning back to a house after living out of two rooms for half a year. And especially doing it during the Christmas season. I honestly don’t know where to begin with all of it. It’s why we had originally planned to stay out on the road through the holiday, but I’m really glad that we are home.

My time now is spent getting us caught up to speed with normal life. Registering the kids in school so they can start back to middle school after the Christmas break.  Acquiring all of their sports gear so they can rejoin their respective teams. Doctors, dentist and hair appointments fill our daily calendar this week. My kitchen and I are trying to get to know each other again too. I’m trying to find my inner relaxed camping self and move forward with her at the helm. Slowly but surely everything will fall back into place I’m sure here at home sweet home.


You gotta love God’s welcome home sign to us!
It totally made me smile and find peace and gratitude for being home safe and sound.

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