Look Beyond your Monday Mess and Find Meaning today!


What if we really looked around our homes and saw the precious moments and memories inside of the clutter.

What if we really looked for blessings disguised as chaos.

What if we really looked beyond the mess and saw meaning instead.

I walked around decluttering on a quiet school day and This caught my eye and I am grateful.


I am grateful when my teenagers still engage in creative outlets. I read a blog post recently how mixing these ingredients- white glue, contact lens solution, shaving cream and food coloring- may harm my child. Maybe or maybe not.  I’m willing to take that chance because I can guarantee that technology at my daughter’s disposal all day long will do her more harm than homemade slime ingredients ever will.

I’m grateful that my daughter still finds joy in creating with her hands even if it means losing all of my tupperware to her concoctions. Oh well, I really should be using glass containers anyway.


This caught my eye today and I am grateful.

I took my middle triplet to the orthodontist and he picked out this sticker for his 10 year old brother. Seeing it sitting on our coffee table this morning reminded me of the simple love found in our family relationships at home. There is nothing greater than witnessing my bio kids love and nurture their new sibling.

This caught my eye today and I am grateful.

A pile of dirty laundry in my sons room never brings me joy. Today the mass of dirty basketball jerseys made me smile as it is a reminder of time well spent with their best childhood friends from California who came for a recent visit. The kids spent their time outdoors connecting instead of sitting inside immersed on technology.

These caught my eye today and I am grateful.

I’m aware there’s Netflix and Kindles and easier ways to obtain our media sources today, but I’m grateful that we still have a public library to go to where we can check out materials old school style.

Walk through the clutter of your home and see what stands out to you and just maybe the memories in your mess will make you feel grateful today too.

Let me know what catches your eye and in turn touches your heart!

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  1. Alex Mattiko
    Alex Mattiko says:

    Everything you have said is so true. Thank you for putting a new perspective on “childhood mess’ for me! I too have lost the majority of my tubberware to slime-making!


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