One Valentine’s Day Tradition You May Want to Start

One gift that you may want to give your family members this year for Valentine’s Day is 14 Hearts of Loving Affirmation because there’s nothing better we can do than speak and write loving truths to our loved ones.

It’s never too late to start this easy yet meaningful Valentine’s Day tradition in your home!

(And I’ve even given you a printable below to help you get started!)

The 14 Hearts of Loving Affirmation Valentine Tradition

  • Take the time to write out 14 loving affirmations or messages on paper hearts for each of your children.
  • Beginning on Feb. 1, tack one heart a day on their bedroom door or wherever makes the most sense in your home. I always see parents do it on bedroom doors, but I decided to do it on the kids’ bathroom mirrors so that while they’re getting ready for school in the morning and getting ready for bed at night, they will have no choice but to see loving words and reminders staring back at them.

OR If doing this daily for two weeks isn’t possible or seems daunting, put all of the hearts up at once and surprise your loved one on Valentine’s Day! Make the tradition work for you!

Why not do this for our spouses as well?


  • While it would be easier to type our messages out, take the time to handwrite your sentiments so your son or daughter can see your words written in your handwriting!
  •  Personalize the hearts with their names on them! Aidan, I love how you… Morgan, you are… OR put an I Love You, John, because… right in the middle of your hearts.
  •  Add Bible verses to some of the hearts reminding your children that not only are they loved by you, but that they are loved by God first and foremost.
  • Call out your child’s positive character traits! What makes them unique?

    Thank you to my friend June who taught me about this tradition and sent me her photos to share!

    Need Help? Here are some loving prompts to get you started…

  • You are loved, Daughter.
  • I love the way you…
  • You always make me…
  • I’m so glad you’re mine!
  • I love watching you…
  • I love your…
  • You have the best…
  • Your friends are lucky to have you!
  • You are so good at…
  • I’m blessed that you are my son/daughter.

ANOTHER TIP: Save these hearts and use them every year for Valentine’s Day or keep them up all year long. You can rewrite some of the hearts or keep them the same each year.


(Print it twice to get 14 hearts! Print on various colored paper if you want to.)

Do you do this tradition in your family? How have you made it uniquely work for you?

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  1. AmyRyb
    AmyRyb says:

    I’m doing this this year! I felt like my boys needed reminders of the good stuff since we’ve had a lot of yelling/negative vibes around the house lately (they seriously can’t leave each other alone, and it’s driving everyone nuts), so I remembered in time to start it this year. Mixed reviews so far–I almost think they don’t know what to make of it, and in some cases don’t want to admit something is a strength for them, but I think the end result will be good!


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