One Week on the Road with the Carneys

We’ve been on the road a week now and if you’ve been following, you know we’ve really been having a ball. The beauty that we have seen in just seven days has overjoyed us immensely!

Family Antelope Canyon

Inside Lower Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona

I’ve totally embraced this RV lifestyle so far I have to say. Easy to do when you’ve only been gone a week and you’re surrounded by glory I guess. But, I’m enjoying the low keyness to this. I think I’ve put makeup on twice and I haven’t blow-dried my hair yet. (I said blowdry, not wash.) My model perfect manicure is no longer and my preteen precious daughter was sure to point out yesterday how ugly my nails looked.

Amy outside RV

So far our family highlights have been Lower Antelope Canyon near Lake Powell, Hiking the Narrows in Zion National Park and wandering through the hoodoos at Bryce Canyon. Did you know that Bryce Canyon isn’t even a canyon? We are learning a lot along our travels already! The kids have earned two Junior Ranger badges and done a lot of geocaching at every stop too.

Family Hike at Bryce Canyon National Park

Hiking along the rim of Bryce Canyon

Being cooped up in a small amount of space can pose questionable depending on the moods of our preteens and their parents’ patience level at the time. The kids are old enough to pull out the couches and make up their own beds at night, which is nice. But, there’s no room to move around in there once they’re down for the night. Luckily, fresh air is just outside the front door at every stop, which is good for everyone!

Our grill quit working after the second night and after several stops for propane, it’s still not up and running. Remember when I said that feeding the family on this trip was a big question mark for me? Well, that was when I had pictured Keith grilling on most nights, not when I had to come up with microwave-convection oven meals every night. Good thing I brought along the trusty crockpot because he’s come in handy already. Everyone is getting fed.

Keith grilling

All four kids bicycles broke the first time off the rack. Zion Cycles Bike Shop fixed them all while we were hiking one day, so they’re back on the road again. We’ve already had to have our towed Buick jumped. I stepped on my “casual” sunglasses and broke them in two, so I’m now looking very ‘Scottsdale’ hiking in my posh Tiffany’s jeweled sunglasses for the time being. But, overall nothing at all to complain about.

Don’t worry about a thing…. ’cause every little thing is gonna be alright….

We made it to our last stop in Utah and we’re at our first KOA in Salt Lake City! Time to explore more new territory. I’ll let you know what we come up with!


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  1. Ron and Lorrie LaBreche
    Ron and Lorrie LaBreche says:

    Hi guys – sounds like you are having an amazing time….we look forward to reading more.

    Ron will be sending you an email with the Normandy information.

    Safe travels
    Ron, Lorrie and Liz


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