My One Word for 2018…..

Have you chosen your One Word to guide you intentionally toward where you hope to go this new year?

Choosing one word to represent 2018 is a simple way to motivate yourself into intentional action, not perfection. Let your word simply encourage you, not weigh you down.

I have claimed VALUE as my word for 2018, so what exactly does that mean for my year and overall life?


What do I truly value?

Am I living what I value?

Is what surrounds me on a regular basis of value?

How can I be of more value to people, the world and to my Lord and Savior this year?

What values are important to me and what am I intentionally teaching my kids to value?

How can I better value my relationships with my husband, children, family, and friends?

Am I getting the best value on the things I’m buying?

Do the things I buy really add value to our lives?

How can I better value our precious resources here on earth?

Do I read and watch things of value?

Do I follow and friend people on social media that add value to my life?

Do I spend my time doing things of value?


I’m committed to being of value in 2018. This year I will write to compel us to bring value to all that we do and are in this world.

Have you chosen One Word to help you act on your intentions for 2018?

Want to know what my word for 2017 was?

Let me know what word you choose so I can encourage you to live it out in this wonderful year ahead! 


Check out Get One Word or One Word 365 if you need some inspiration!

I hope 2018 is starting off wonderfully for you! 


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