Parents We Must Rise! Book Review and Giveaway

We are the parents. We love you. We are in charge.

How come we sometimes forget this one simple line?

I’m grateful for the parenting reminders throughout Arlene Pellicane’s new book, Parents Rising. Since my book is still in process, I’m thrilled Arlene has just released a very similar message to mine encouraging parents to take back leadership of their children, families, and homes. The world needs us to rise, Moms and Dads!


Every time she writes, Parents We Must Rise throughout the book, I feel empowered and want to link arms with all of you working hard to parent against popular culture. We can. We should and we must!

Whether Arlene says Parents We must Rise, or I say Parent on Purpose, both are meant to encourage parents to reject passive parenting and instead intentionally raise our children into strong adults.

I love the simple format and size of Parents Rising- 8 strategies for Raising Kids who Love God, Respect Authority and Value What’s Right. Can I get an amen for the title alone?

Parents Rising is an easy read, which I’m thankful for. Raising five kids and writing my own book, does not allow me much extra time for reading right now. Arlene’s practical tips and personal stories of raising her three children keep the reader entertained and inspired. I also love how she encourages us with scripture and little Bible tales, reminding us that God must be at the helm of our families if we truly want to rise.

This is the perfect book to throw in your car to read when you’re waiting to pick up your child from another school pick up or soccer practice. The book is broken down into 8 separate strategies with my favorite ones being.. Amusement is not the Highest Priority and Routine and Boundaries Provide Security. It was also fun to see she included the powerful 936 pennies message as well!

I can certainly fall into the trap of wanting to keep my kids busy, entertained and happy. And I most definitely believe that our kids need stable routine and boundaries in our homes.

My son wrote Be like a normal parent at the bottom of our family expectations before being allowed to play video games. I translate that to mean Mom, you are a parent rising! My son thinks he wants me to be a passive parent who doesn’t have boundaries. Good thing my husband and I are the ones in charge around here and that I know being my son’s friend is not what he needs right now.

Want to win your very own copy of Parents Rising? Leave a comment below on why you could use some parenting inspiration right now and be entered to win. One lucky reader will be drawn at random on April 21 to win their very own copy of Parents Rising courtesy of Moody Publishers. Entrants must be a US resident to win.

Parents let’s rise together!

Learn more about Arlene on her blog.

And check out my Parent on Purpose Amazon store for more of my reading recommendations!

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  1. Susan T.
    Susan T. says:

    Hi Amy– Raising 3 teenage boys is the hardest and most humbling thing I have ever been involved in and sometimes I fear that I have made so many mistakes and that they have grown up so fast that it is too late to influence their development into godly men of integrity and purpose. The description of this book on your Amazon page really resonated with me and I’d love to read this book.

  2. Toni
    Toni says:

    So many time I struggle with this but then all of the sudden I realize I am the parent and I am in charge. Whether I win or not I need to get this book. Thank you for encouraging us Amy!

  3. Jill Wetzel
    Jill Wetzel says:

    I am raising two beautiful, strong-willed girls. They are determined to pave their own way in this world and I am struggling to help them find a balance. They are 13 and 11 and they go to middle school where I work… which can make it tough at times. I need inspiration to find new ways to talk to my kids as a mom versus the school counselor. Thank you for inspiring us!

  4. Bridget Raines
    Bridget Raines says:

    I am in the mist of raising teenage boys (11 and 14year olds) and like everyone else, I need reassurance that I’m not alone and i am also needing practical advice on steering them in the right direction. We only have one shot at this and need to stay focused on the goal of raising them to be strong, kind, and respectful boys.

  5. Tina
    Tina says:

    Hi Amy! Amen on your title indeed!!! As a Mom of 4 kids, I have been seeking out inspiring parenting thoughts for almost two decades. I see parenting as a practice and an art, my kids have been my greatest teachers for my self-development. Thank you for teaching through testimony sharing your experiences with your family in your book. I look forward to the read!

    • Amy Carney
      Amy Carney says:

      Hi Tina! I just wanted to make sure you know that this book was written by Arlene Pellicane. We just happen to have the same beliefs and a similar message! Thanks for reading and commenting!

      • Tina
        Tina says:

        Silly me, thank you for pointing that out. I am going to send along to my dear friend that organizes a Mom’s Prayer group that I am a small group leader in as a book suggestion for next year. We meet thursday mornings thru the school year to give us a little grace and pray over our kids and discuss a chapter from a book we choose. This year we did 52 Things Kids Need from Their Mom. Peace to you 🙂

  6. Darcy
    Darcy says:

    I need to hear the message that I am the PARENT, and I am IN CHARGE! I’ve been parenting based on my abusive childhood– and parenting the OPPOSITE way I was raised. So I avoid being stern, and using too much discipline. I am not doing my children any favors by being passive. Thank you for your message!!!

  7. Linda Lou
    Linda Lou says:

    As the grandparent of 3 teen boys (15 and twins 14), I am struggling to help them realize what is important. May God give me the wisdom, discernment and boldness to tell it like it is.

  8. Rebecca A McGovern
    Rebecca A McGovern says:

    Hi there from Ottawa! I have three boys. I am struggling with my oldest. He has been involved with drugs and theft. We are good law abiding people, educated, work full time. I never thought I would face an issue like this with my children. I have set fair boundaries and rules and he just ignores them. He doesn’t care about consequences. I need help!

  9. Cori LePard
    Cori LePard says:

    Who doesn’t need a little parenting inspiration?! This is the hardest, scariest job I’ve ever had. So thankful god has my back and it’s not all up to me. ❤️

  10. Stephanie Lewin
    Stephanie Lewin says:

    The email with this contest is a God thing for sure. My conversation with God 10 minutes ago while filling up my tub for a bath was, “well… I feel convicted Lord. I know I need to be encouraging to my family despite how broken I feel. I know it. I want it. But please I can’t do this on my own!” Sometimes it feels like there is so much information out there and my heart wants the change but it will take God’s hands to change my heart. I’m just so tired of waiting and trying and trying and trying…

  11. Karen B
    Karen B says:

    I love that this book is broken into 8 parts. I too have triplets (3 boys, age 12) and 2 more (girls ages 13 and 15). Who has time to do much reading? Got off my page job at noon today and started my real job and got home at 9. I need a book With practical strategies that I can read on the go.

    • Amy Carney
      Amy Carney says:

      Hi Karen! You are the lucky winner of the copy of Arlene Pellicane’s book Parents Rising. Please look for my email in your inbox! Thanks, everyone for commenting and hope you enjoy the book!

  12. Laurie Butler
    Laurie Butler says:

    I need guidance. I reach out to God each morning to help me be a blessing and praying for ways to inspire my 15 and 20 year old sons. They’re caught up with there friends and what’s more important to them. I’m ready to get guidance from your book. I’m ready to be more of blessing to my sons so that THEY become the blessing to others.

  13. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    Can I just say “teenagers”??? Love them but I’m scared to death that I’m missing opportunities for crucial conversations all the time….


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