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The Matheny Manifesto Book Review and Giveaway!

“You have to read this book,” said the parent sitting next to us on the sidelines of our daughters’ soccer game.“THIS is what we need more of in youth sports today.” He handed me this book and it quickly became one of my favorites.

Want to make a bigger impact on the children you are parenting, teaching or coaching?

Read The Matheny Manifesto and then act on the principles inside.

The Matheny Manifesto is a call to action for those of us leading children today.

The book is based on St. Louis Cardinals manager, Mike Matheny’s expectations, standards and beliefs that he wrote for the parents of a little league team he had signed on to coach. If he was going to lead this group of kids, he wanted the parents to know the value system and moral code that he would be coaching from.

What if we all took the time to think through what we believe and the intentions we have to lead the children in our care and then wrote out our own manifesto?

A manifesto is a statement where you can share your…

– Intentions (what you intend to do)
– Opinions (what you believe, your stance on a particular topic)
– Vision (the type of world that you dream about and wish to create)

What is The Matheny Manifesto?

Want to write your own manifesto?

“Let’s not sell ourselves short with regard to the impact we can have on the people who look up to us every day- our own kids and the kids we teach and coach,” says Matheny.  “They’re looking for someone to stand up for what is right and to make a difference in their lives. That’s what heroes can do, and it starts with having the courage to do things differently.”

Mike Matheny doesn’t believe sport is more important than family.

He doesn’t believe that every child deserves a trophy.

He believes in teaching kids reality. He believes children need to fail. He believes young athletes should be playing more than just one sport. He believes parents should be a silent source of encouragement and let the coach do his job.

How do I know this? Because Matheny took the time to write, share and live out his manifesto.

Matheny’s old school advice is a powerful reminder of what sports can teach us about winning on the field and life. This book is full of wisdom of how we can better lead our youth today to more than just personal success.

I received an email from the book’s author, Jerry Jenkins after he read one of my blog posts. He encouraged me by telling me that he had raised his three sons the same way and that I may enjoy one of the books he’s written- The Matheny Manifesto. Little did he know that his book sits on my shelf as one of my favorites!

Jenkins so graciously sent me a signed copy of The Matheny Manifesto to give away to one of you lucky readers! Since baseball season is underway and Father’s Day is just around the corner, June seemed the perfect month to give away one of my favorites.

Comment below on why you need The Matheny Manifesto for your chance to win! One lucky winner will be chosen at random on June 11. Must be a US resident.

Order a copy of The Matheny Manifesto from my Parent on Purpose Amazon store today!



5 replies
  1. AmyRyb
    AmyRyb says:

    Oooh, I would love this! My oldest (almost 10) is a die hard sports nut…originally all sports but then he played baseball and lacrosse before really focusing in on lacrosse–for no other reason but because it was his favorite and it was all he wanted to do. It didn’t hurt that his dad works in pro lacrosse so he had a lot of connections to grow that love. But now, while he still plays lacrosse, his passion has moved on a bit to basketball, so we will be diversifying in the fall. Aside from the obvious lessons of winning and losing and playing fair, I haven’t really thought deeply about how to better apply sports lessons to life, and I think that would be a huge help for my kid since that’s his language. His lax team is through a Christian organization and he comes back from their training camp every year with more interest in the Bible than ever before, so I know sports helps him make connections like nothing else can!

  2. Nikki
    Nikki says:

    I have read the Manifesto itself but not the entire book! So many important things that should be taught to young athletes that have been lost in quest for trophies and parent gratification 🙁 Would love to win the autographed copy for my baseball coaching husband!

    • Amy Carney
      Amy Carney says:

      Hi Nikki! You are the winner of The Matheny Manifesto book! Look for an email with details in your inbox. Happy reading!

  3. Karen
    Karen says:

    I think this book would be helpful in seeking the balance between sports, character and lessons for later in life. It is so easy to get caught up in the current season and lose sight of the rest.

  4. Shenoa Austin
    Shenoa Austin says:

    Thanks for the chance to win! I’ve been wanting to read this book actually! I had another parent tell me her husband was reading it and it was a real eye-opener!


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