Why Your Family Should Choose KOA Campgrounds


When planning our 6-month journey around the USA by motor home, we decided that KOA (Kampgrounds of America) was the best fit for our family and that we would focus most of our stays at their campgrounds. They have almost 500 locations across North America to chose from so the opportunities are endless! As a sponsor of our family sabbatical, we stayed at over 40 different KOAs around the country.

Hands down, the KOA chain has the most family friendly campgrounds around. We loved their activity schedules featuring everything from wine tastings to flashlight candy hunts! We played tons of mini golf, rented fun bikes, took up fishing and just simply enjoyed the great outdoors. The Jumping Pillow was our kids most favorite KOA feature. Our four are begging for us to put one in our Arizona backyard now!


I’m also a big fan of consistency which you can expect behind KOA’s Yellow Signs. If you haven’t camped at KOA in a while or ever, here’s a few things you should know:

KOA has introduced three new ways to help you select the right campground for your needs: KOAJourney,” “Holiday,” and “Resort.” These descriptive words to help define your camping experience and better match your expectations. I equate this to the Marriott brand of hotels.

KOA Resort CampgroundsNotice I started off the lineup with the Ritz Carlton of the chain- the KOA Resort. Anything resort is up my alley! Unfortunately, the four KOA Resort properties were not a part of our plan this time around. They are  Waterloo / Lost Island Waterpark KOA Resort (Iowa), Port Huron KOA Resort (Michigan), Cape Hatteras KOA Resort (North Carolina) and the Shelby / Mansfield KOA Resort (Ohio). Get pampered with true, resort-style facilities and amenities at these locations. You will enjoy endless entertainment and conveniences such as food service that allows you to never have to leave the campground if you don’t want to!

KOA Holiday CampgroundsKOA Holiday campgrounds are like your typical Marriott hotel stay- pretty perfect but a little more casual. At the KOA Holiday properties, you can expect deluxe cabins and patio RV sites as well as on-site activity schedules and options to keep everyone entertained. A lot of our stays were at KOA Holiday locations. Some of our favorites were West Glacier, MTLake Placid, NY; Niagara Falls, NY; Mt. Rushmore, SD; Mystic, CT; and Mount Pleasant, SC.


The beautiful grounds at West Glacier KOA.

KOA Journey CampgroundsKOA Journey campgrounds are more like a Courtyard Marriott.  Less expensive and less fluff. They are usually conveniently located and great for overnight or short stays. You still get the same free wifi, Kamp K9 Pet Park, and a convenience store just as you would at the Holiday and Resort properties.

Some campers say that KOAs are expensive. Yes and no.

You will pay up to $100 a night for a nice RV spot during the busy summer months at a Resort property, but most will run you half of that. Hey, we did spend one “free” night in a Walmart parking lot in the beginning of our travels and I can tell you I will never do that again. Give me the safe, quiet campground any day of the week! KOA strives to give you what you pay for.

Sign up for their Value Kard Rewards program which will save you 10% off every stay, while earning points at the same time.


Our family joined us in Mystic, CT and loved staying in the cabins here.

You also don’t need to have an RV or be willing to pitch your own tent to stay at KOA.

Many locations have new Deluxe Cabins, complete with bathrooms and kitchens. We stayed in several of them in New England, when our motorhome had to go in to the shop. They are spacious, updated and wonderful for a large family! I think you’d be surprised. Not only are they less expensive than a hotel, they are way more fun. Keep this in mind when you are planning your summer travels! The cabins definitely lend a more unique family vacation experience and your kids will love it I guarantee!


Who doesn’t love roasting smores outside at night surrounded by family and friends? 

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  1. Kim Kilmon
    Kim Kilmon says:

    I had no idea these campgrounds existed. It’s just me and my daughter, we went to Minnesota and Oregon this summer and it would have been greasy to stay at a KOA for some of the time. I am trying to find the means to travel more being a single mom, finances are hard sometimes. I lost my husband to cancer when our daughter was 4 days old, the only reason we got to travel this summer was because my grandfather left us a very small amount of money after he passed last year, enough to take a couple of trips. We took those trips to see family and try to find a new place to live, a new environment because living here in southern california is too expensive and the environment isn’t healthy for us. We need trees and water and trails and everything here is dead because of the heat and lack of rain. Thank you for sharing these blogs with everyone, i’m glad i found you on Millionaire single moms link. 🙂
    thank you 🙂

  2. Sam
    Sam says:

    I moved from Florida TO Rhode Island this past summer with the Navy. Had some extra time so the dog and I road tripped it out to South Dakota to see Mt Rushmore. Most of the time we stayed in a KOA cabin. Sometimes I did full on camping with a tent, and the first night we ended up in a hotel in the Smokeys because it was downpour rain. The night I was supposed to pitch a tent. KOA is great, late check in option, pet friendly, and always have things to do. Plus you can lock the cabins so you know your stuff is safe.

  3. Anthony Arroyo
    Anthony Arroyo says:

    Hi Amy,

    My parents used to take me and my siblings camping every summer, and we always looked forward to it. We would pack up the car with all of our gear and head out to the nearest KOA campground. I can still remember the excitement of setting up our tent and exploring the campground, making new friends and roasting marshmallows around the campfire.

    I think you did a great job highlighting the benefits of choosing KOA campgrounds for families. The amenities you mentioned, such as the playgrounds, swimming pools, and mini-golf courses, are perfect for keeping kids entertained. And as a parent myself now, I appreciate the fact that KOA campgrounds are well-maintained and have clean facilities. It takes the stress out of camping and allows us to focus on spending quality time together as a family.

    Overall, your article brought back happy memories and reminded me of the importance of taking a break from the busyness of daily life to enjoy the great outdoors with loved ones. Thank you for sharing your insights and encouraging families to choose KOA campgrounds for their next camping adventure.

  4. Robinson
    Robinson says:

    Hey Amy,

    I stumbled upon your article about why families should choose KOA Campgrounds, and I have to say, I’m impressed with how well you articulated the benefits of camping with KOA. As someone who grew up camping with my family, I couldn’t agree more with your sentiments about how camping can bring families closer together.

    One thing I appreciated about your article was how you emphasized the convenience of KOA campgrounds. As someone who’s camped in both primitive and modern campgrounds, I can attest to the fact that the amenities and services provided by KOA can make a world of difference in the camping experience. From hot showers to Wi-Fi, these little comforts can go a long way in making camping a more enjoyable and stress-free experience for families.

    Another thing that stood out to me was how you mentioned KOA’s commitment to environmental sustainability. It’s so important that we prioritize protecting our planet, and I love that KOA is taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint and educate their guests on how to be more environmentally conscious. As someone who enjoys spending time in nature, it’s comforting to know that there are organizations like KOA who are doing their part to protect our natural resources.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on KOA Campgrounds, Amy! Your article has definitely made me want to check out KOA the next time I’m planning a camping trip.


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