Before you jump in and start making your new year resolutions, goals, and dreams for the upcoming year, you must first REVIEW your 2020.

You can’t know where you are unless you take note of where you’ve been.

Reflect on your past year by answering these important questions……

1. What are my fondest memories of 2020? Go back to your calendar and photos because if you’re like me, you will have forgotten some of the really cool moments that actually happened this year.


2. What were significant moments during this year?


3. Am I closer to my friends and family from my activities this year?

How did I invest in my relationships?

  • with God?
  • my spouse?
  • my kids?
  • my friends?
  • my family?

4.  What mentors had the greatest impact on me? Why?


5.  What books did I love and learn from this year?


6.  What did I procrastinate on and fail to get done?


7.  How was I transformed this year? What lessons did I learn?


8.  What area of my life did I neglect this year?


9.  How did I do good in the world this year?


10.  What did you do this year that you never want to do again?


I hope your answers will help bring some clarity to how you want to proceed for this year! Happy New Year! 


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