Here we are in the beginning of yet another year full of promise and hope. Have you noticed that you are already falling back into old habits? Have you chosen your One Word to guide you toward more meaning this new year?

Choosing one word to represent 2017 is a simple way to motivate us into intentional action, not perfection. Let your word encourage you, not weigh you down.

I had already been drawn to CONTRIBUTE before our Pastor made this word the focus of his message on Sunday. Pastor Lucas challenged us to show up this year as a Contributor rather than as a Consumer. To give way more than we take.

Before his sermon, I had read THIS about how kids used to contribute to their families. Their contributions were necessary to keep others afloat. It really hit home for me, as it made me question if I was raising my children to contribute or to consume.

Since I have claimed CONTRIBUTE as my word for 2017, I’ve begun to dig into what exactly that means for my life.

How can I better contribute….

to God’s kingdom first and foremost?

to the relationships that I hold dear?

How can I contribute my time? my talents? and my finances to what really matter to me?

to my family by responding in love instead of reacting in anger?

How can I positively contribute my truths to the cultural conversation this year? So many are glad that 2016 is behind us, but 2017 isn’t going to be easier my friends.

to preserving the resources of our precious earth?

How do I contribute to my children’s well being? How can I lead them to the best version of themselves instead of who I want them to be? How can I raise them to be a contribution to the world around them?

Contribute means to be an important factor. To contribute is to be of value to someone or something.

I’m committed to being a contributor in 2017. This year I will write to compel us to contribute more to life than we consume. Inspire us to give more than we take. Motivate us to bless others with the blessings we have been given.

Have you chosen One Word to help you act on your intentions for 2017?

Check out Get One Word or One Word 365 if you need some inspiration!

Want to know what my word of 2016 was?

I would love to hear from and encourage you as we move forward into this wonderful year ahead! 

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