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4 Ways to Choose Your Own Camping Adventure This Summer and Beyond

Families are jumping in RVs and heading to campgrounds in record numbers. Several years ago our family spent seven months in an RV journeying around the United States. We needed to stop the chaos that was our everyday life, slow down, and enjoy one another and our lives for a little while. It was an epic adventure!

No matter if camping is part of your family plan or if it’s something you are considering in the future, you will want to get this book- See you at the Campground.


The Authors Stephanie and Jeremy Puglisi interviewed me about our RV Family Sabbatical on their podcast and when I saw they released another book, I had to check it out!

Whether you’re new to camping or a seasoned pro, See You at the Campground is an awesome resource containing everything you need to know from hiking with infants to navigating RV dealerships to mixing the perfect campfire cocktails. No seriously, anything and everything you want to know about camping is in this book!


4 Ways to Choose Your Own Camping Adventure this Summer and Beyond

1. RV Camping Adventures

Are you an RV camper? Would you like to be?

As I said, we lived in this motorhome for nearly seven months in 2014. You don’t have to buy an RV to camp with your family, but it’s definitely not a shabby way to go. If you don’t have an interest in buying, you can certainly rent one on Outdoorsy and try it out for a little while.


2. Cabin Camping Adventures

Now that we no longer own an RV, our family camping preference is staying in cabins. To learn more about these types of camping accommodations you can check out my post from the San Diego, California KOA, and the Williams, Arizona KOA. Both locations even have fun alternate accommodations such as safari tents and teepees too!


3. Tent Camping Adventures

I’m not going to pretend that I am in the least bit a tent camper. I am not. But, the few times I have done it, have been awesome. I can’t imagine doing it with kids, but maybe you have more patience and tolerance than I do!


4. Glamping Adventures

Lastly, Keith and I love taking “Glamping Getaways” such as this one we did last summer at Autocamp near Yosemite. Getting to stay in a fully equipped Airstream in the middle of the great outdoors is heaven to us.


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  1. Amber E
    Amber E says:

    We are jumped on the bandwagon last summer, purchasing a 22’ Airstream that needed to be fully renovated! We are launching our new glam ping campground concept in Strawberry AZ (right now!), so personally and professionally I’d love to learn more from this book! Thanks for sharing your ideas Amy!

  2. Nicole Guysi
    Nicole Guysi says:

    I am Cabin Camping and would LOVE to get this book because I really have been wanting this for our family! I tend to be the spontaneous/act quickly while my husband is the more reserved/think it through. Both are good, so I am grateful God gave us each other to compliment one another. My husband brings up potential barriers and I have struggled with the best problem solving answers for him in this area. My hope would be that this book would help me with that so our family could have some outdoor adventures sooner rather than later.

    • Amy Carney
      Amy Carney says:

      Congratulations Nicole! You are the winner of the autographed copy of See You at the Campground! Check your email for details! Thanks for reading and commenting everyone.

  3. Michelle Raizer
    Michelle Raizer says:

    This book sounds amazing! We are a tent camping family, since my son was in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. I would love to have a copy of this book, since it would be great to learn about the other types of camping adventures (especially RV camping)!

  4. Sandey
    Sandey says:

    All of them sound GREAT! But Hudson and I are for sure going to do the cabin one in August… looking into where we can stay in a treehouse and teepee too! Staying in a tree house in northern California is on the list! Soooo need this book to insure me to and Hudson! Just the few quotes you shared from he book are TRUE and are a good reminder that you don’t have to stay in your house during this time…get out in the wide open to connect! Thanks for sharing this book!

  5. Michelle Webb
    Michelle Webb says:

    I never camped as a child growing up nor have never taken my kids camping and they are 15 and 18… So I think it’s about time!

  6. Kim
    Kim says:

    We have a pop-up camper and love it! This is our first summer with 8mo old twins and we’ve camped twice with another week long adventure coming! We love tent camping but wanted to be off the ground and to be able to set up camp faster. So excited for all the memories, lessons and love we’ll be sharinc with our boys! <3


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