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Parents We Must Rise! Book Review and Giveaway

We are the parents. We love you. We are in charge. How come we sometimes forget this one simple line? I’m grateful for the parenting reminders throughout Arlene Pellicane’s new book, Parents Rising. Since my book is still in process, I’m thrilled Arlene has just released a very similar message to mine encouraging parents to […]


5 Reasons You Need To Be a Less Productive Parent

We must stop being so productive in our parenting today so that our children can learn how to be productive in their own lives. In the morning the productive parent wakes the child up. Makes the breakfast. Goes back in to wake sleeping beauty again. Packs the lunch. Throws in the laundry. Cleans up after […]


Why You Need to Say Yes to the Thin Mints

It’s that time of year when we’re asked to buy tagalongs, thin mints, and trefoils. I remember the first time our neighborhood Girl Scouts showed up unannounced on our doorstep sporting their patched vests, adorable smiles and a cart full of cookie boxes. The only noticeable thing missing was a parent by their side. Where […]

My One Word for 2018…..

Have you chosen your One Word to guide you intentionally toward where you hope to go this new year? Choosing one word to represent 2018 is a simple way to motivate yourself into intentional action, not perfection. Let your word simply encourage you, not weigh you down. I have claimed VALUE as my word for 2018, so what exactly […]


5 Gifts To Give Your Child This Christmas

Youthful eyes are on us this holiday season. They watch how we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. They pay attention to what we spend our money and time on. They feel our stress or our peace during the month of December. What our children learn to value at Christmastime, they learn from us as […]


6 Ways Parents Can Help Keep Teens Safer

It’s a boy. A boy. And yet another boy. The ultrasound confirmed that I was officially a Mom of triplet sons which meant I was going to have my work cut out for me. It wasn’t the dirt and grime or nonstop action of raising young boys that scared me. The thought of having three […]