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9 Ways to Deliberately Design Your Summer

Childhood is short. Summer is even shorter. Eighteen summers are all we get. How will your family spend this precious summer season? While June, July, and August may be perfect for lazy days and relaxation, we mustn’t make the mistake of aimlessly drifting through the summer months without purposely making a proactive plan for our […]


Parenting for the Launch Book Review and Giveaway

It’s that time of year when high school and college graduation announcements arrive in our mailboxes and social media feeds. What an exciting time as we get to honor and celebrate friends and family who are about to launch their precious child into the real world. Few transitions bring as much joy, tears and anxiety to parents […]


One Way to Curb Entitlement in Your Child Today

Looking at my kids, you wouldn’t know their name brand shirt and shorts were purchased second hand. You wouldn’t know that the expensive shoes on their feet were actually bought for a fraction of the retail price. The book they’re reading and the backpack they are carrying were most likely purchased at a discount too. […]


Parents We Must Rise! Book Review and Giveaway

We are the parents. We love you. We are in charge. How come we sometimes forget this one simple line? I’m grateful for the parenting reminders throughout Arlene Pellicane’s new book, Parents Rising. Since my book is still in process, I’m thrilled Arlene has just released a very similar message to mine encouraging parents to […]


5 Reasons You Need To Be a Less Productive Parent

We must stop being so productive in our parenting today so that our children can learn how to be productive in their own lives. In the morning the productive parent wakes the child up. Makes the breakfast. Goes back in to wake sleeping beauty again. Packs the lunch. Throws in the laundry. Cleans up after […]