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How to Start a Blessing Jar Tradition

See a penny pick it up, and all the day you’ll have good luck. Or perhaps the copper coin can instead bless another as you drop it into your family Blessing Jar. For years, I wanted to start a Christmas Jar in our family. I loved the idea, wanted to do the tradition, but I […]


9 Ways to Deliberately Design Your Summer

Childhood is short. Summer is even shorter. Eighteen summers are all we get. How will your family spend this precious summer season? While June, July, and August may be perfect for lazy days and relaxation, we mustn’t make the mistake of aimlessly drifting through the summer months without purposely making a proactive plan for our […]


Why You Need to Buy that School Yearbook

Sure it may seem like a waste of money. Maybe our kids don’t seem to care if we purchase one or not. It might appear as a material item that will just sit around and collect dust. Does our child really need another school yearbook? School yearbook sales are in significant decline today. Students seem […]


Parenting for the Launch Book Review and Giveaway

It’s that time of year when high school and college graduation announcements arrive in our mailboxes and social media feeds. What an exciting time as we get to honor and celebrate friends and family who are about to launch their precious child into the real world. Few transitions bring as much joy, tears and anxiety to parents […]