Vision Boards are all the rage in the new year when people want to creatively visualize their dreams by cutting and pasting pictures and words to represent their goals in a visual collage.

Why not design a Belief Board instead?

How is a belief board different than a vision board?

A belief board represents your legacy and what brings meaning to your life.

A vision board represents goals and things you want to obtain and acquire.

A belief board incorporates what you believe about yourself and the world around you. What inspires you to your best self. It includes what motivates you to meaningful connection and action, and not just focusing on material things of this world.

If you believe, you can achieve. If we don’t first know what we truly believe, it will be very difficult for us to actually achieve it.

A belief board visually reminds us what we believe to be important. It’s a way to get clear on our priorities and what values and beliefs we hold, to keep us from getting sidetracked. It may also include things we miss doing and want more of in our lives again.

Let’s get started.

Supplies you will need

  • Old magazines
  • scissors and adhesive (glue stick, glue dots or any scrapbook tape you like)
  • 16×20 frame (or whatever size works for you)

1. Claim your Season

You need to first set the season that you want to visualize. What timeframe do you want your belief board to represent? Do you want to focus on just this upcoming year? The next five years? Until your firstborn graduates high school? Eternity?


I just attended a fun vision board workshop with my girlfriend and we made our personal belief boards for 2017.

2. Gather old magazines and inspirational paraphernalia 

Begin to cut out pictures, words and statements that inspire you. Things that you believe in and will encourage you to put your values into action.

I love inspirational quotes and motivational statements, so I used a lot of them on my board. Words motivate me. See what you’re drawn to and what inspires you.

Have you chosen One Word to represent your year? Perhaps focus your board around that word and how you will bring it to life.

3. Put your collage together

Open your frame and turn over the white insert that comes inside. Begin to layout all of your inspirations until you come up with a design that feels good to you.

*Remember to leave a 1/4 inch border all the way around, as the frame will cover up that space. I forgot to do this and some of my items are covered up more than I would prefer.

I started with my word for the year– Contribute and worked around that. I also included a few visuals representing things I want to do such as hit the dance floor with my girlfriends, take a connective vacation with my husband, help my boys learn to drive and publish this book of mine.

I included visual reminders of things that contribute joy to my soul- the serenity of being in nature and amongst beautiful flowers, writing, practicing yoga and being involved with my church family.


This board represents what I believe to be true for 2017 and beyond. It will be a visual reminder of what I deem important and want to focus my time and energy to this year.

My friend, Tanya, reworks a decorative bulletin board every year with her pictures, beliefs, prayers and goals. It’s another way to beautifully display intentions for your life!

“To be an overachiever, you have to be an overbeliever.” – Coach Dabo Swinney

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  1. cindy carney
    cindy carney says:

    I really like the idea of creating a belief board. It is so easy to remember your beliefs on a day that is going well, not always so easy on a tough day. This is a nice way to stay focused and positive even when things aren’t quite going your way.
    Thanks for another helpful post!


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