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If you haven’t met Bob Goff or heard him speak yet, do yourself a favor and get him on your 2016 calendar. He will inspire you to love extravagantly and to send more cake pops! He is full of energy and life and spends his professional days as an author, a lawyer and a professor at Pepperdine Law School. He is an amazing Humanitarian spreading love through Uganda and worldwide through Restore International.

A friend sent me Bob’s bestseller Love Does and it was sitting on our family coffee table at the exact moment that my friend, Lain, came over and invited me to go to Storyline, where Bob would be speaking. I call it nothing short of divine intervention and who am I to mess with that!

10 Simple Truths from Bob Goff

1. Just love people.

2. Love everybody always

3. Don’t slingshot at people. Just love on them.

4. Love the Creeps It’s easy to love those who love us back, right? But, what about loving on those people who give us the creeps? I still laugh every time this goes through my mind, but it does make me think and try harder.

Love Sign Philadelphia

LOVEd our time in Philadelphia!

5. Hold people close, not accountable.

6. Don’t let other people decide who you are.

7. Fill your life with things that you’ll spend eternity talking to God about all of it.

8. Do stuff that will stretch you. Do things that make you uncomfortable.

9. Comfortable people don’t need Jesus. Do uncomfortable things.

10. Send more Cake Pops. Give love more freely and more often to those who don’t even deserve it.

Order his book for everyone you know for Christmas! We all need inspiration to get out there and love the world a little more.

 Go out there and love on some creeps and be thankful for all that God has blessed you with!

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