Yesterday I had one of those Sunday mornings when I really didn’t feel like going to church.

It was one of those Sunday mornings when it felt right that our entire family was home in our pajamas relaxing after coming off a week’s cruise vacation with extended family.

It was one of those Sundays that I would normally be okay staying put.

Something in me really wanted us to all go though.

I threw myself together quickly, knowing I should’ve washed my hair, repainted my chipped up nails and chosen an outfit that I felt better in. Not feeling like myself, I was happy that we were even making the effort to get to church and not getting caught up in our comfortability.

Today was the day I was supposed to get baptized.

This summer I told my family that I wanted to be baptized this exact weekend in November. I was planning to throw a party with good food, yummy drinks and connective fellowship. I wanted to thank all those who have inspired my Christian journey.

As it turned out, I wasn’t going to be able to get baptized this Sunday after all. The classes at Scottsdale Bible Church fell on days that I wasn’t in town. Even though I was disappointed, I figured I had my timing off and told God, next time. I’ll proclaim my faith next time….

Pastor Jamie’s sermon yesterday was short and sweet, but very relatable to me. He talked about those “good people” who live moral lives, but are far from Jesus. That was me most of my entire life. I never saw a need for Jesus as I was a “good” girl. I’m beyond grateful for all of my friends who led me to my understanding of my need for a relationship with Jesus.

It came time for the baptisms and Pastor Jamie said something that I’d never heard in my time at Scottsdale Bible. “Anyone who feels called to commit their life to Christ today, can head out of the sanctuary and meet with a pastor to be baptized after the service.”

He was speaking to me. I knew that today was my day. But, wait. I had wanted a party. I had a guest list even written out. I am not prepared to do this today. I’ll do it next time. I also didn’t want to have to get out of my seat in that middle row at the front of the church. I kept trying to tell myself, this can wait. I’m not ready. I can always do it next time. But, I knew in my heart that it was my time and I wanted to honor God by showing up today, as ill prepared as I felt.

I made my way past my four children, my daughter’s friend and my husband and walked all the way around the congregation and out into the lobby. I was shaking and on the verge of tears in awe of what was happening. I came out and saw a friend of mine crying. I thought she was there to be baptized as well, but it was her husband who had decided to. We wept and hugged and it was beautiful.

Our church is amazingly organized as they had shirts and shorts for us to change into because obviously the handful of us who decided to do this were not prepared. I asked for our Worship Pastor Troy to baptize me, as we are friends through our shared mission trips to Mexico. As I walked toward him into the baptism pool, I could no longer hold back the tears. I was in awe of how the Lord had put this entire morning together.

It was in His timing and it was perfect. I saw several dear friends still in the sanctuary to witness my baptism. None of them knew that I was going to do this, but they had been called to stay. I heard a celeberatory scream as they announced my name and it made me smile inside. God had known my guest list after all.

What I realized is that we don’t need the party. We don’t need the right outfit or the manicured nails. We don’t need pictures or even video to commemorate such an important moment. What we need is to just say YES and put our faith into action.

When you have a daughter with an iPhone, you at least get this shot of your monumental moment.

God didn’t want me to wait to have everything lined up perfectly. He likes to make me uncomfortable and I like that about Him. He had chosen today as my baptism day long ago. I had felt that, but then let go of the plan as things seemed to not be falling into place like I had wanted. Today was yet another amazing testament to how God will move in your life if you just let go and let Him work things out in His perfect timing.

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    • Amy Carney
      Amy Carney says:

      Thank you Sharon. I appreciate you taking the time to comment especially on something so meaningful to me. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas season!

  1. God bless, Tracey
    God bless, Tracey says:

    This really touches my heart! What an amazing day for you & your family, Amy. You must feel wonderful & free. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Steve Phillips
    Steve Phillips says:

    I am so encouraged and blessed to see you posting this great moment in your journey with Jesus! All of heaven rejoices when even one sinner repents and turns to God! (even the “good” sinners 🙂 We celebrate with you, and your Journey family is proud!

    • Amy Carney
      Amy Carney says:

      Thank you Steve. It is because of you and my Journey family that I am where I am in my faith today. You all modeled to me what a loving Christian looks like and I am so grateful. You and Cathy will always hold a special place in my heart and I look forward to seeing you in Cali this summer!

  3. Darcy
    Darcy says:

    I am so excited for you Amy! And God is even more thrilled. Walking with Jesus is the best decision you will ever make! What a special post you wrote and I am sure has planted some seeds for others. You’re a walking testimony ALWAYS! Congratulations Sweet Amy

  4. Judy
    Judy says:

    Congratulations on your baptism. What an incredible story that marks a special day of your journey with Jesus.
    Wishing you joy and peace always.
    Xo, judy.

  5. Kristine Smith
    Kristine Smith says:

    Amy, Congratulations! More importantly, thank you for putting this on. Social Media. We need to speak out in our faith, share our testimony with others…this is how the good news of the gospel is spread. What an appropriate time to be baptized, the first Sunday of Advent when we are to Prepare the way of the Lord! Social Media is filled with political and bad news, ,, but you shared great news…news of being in communion with the Saints bith on earth and in heaven! Truly a joyous day indeed! And btw…you did get your party, you just didn’t see it…there was great rejoicing in heaven! In Christ’s abiding love~Kristine & Skylar

    • Amy Carney
      Amy Carney says:

      Wow what an amazing response Kristine. Brought me to tears. You are so right about speaking out in our faith. Thank you for your encouragement and love. What a blessing you are!

  6. Steve
    Steve says:

    I am a regional truck driver, seen you pass as you traveled across the country with your family awhile back. I was setting here deleting old numbers from my phone when I ran across yours which I saved when I contracted you back then. Your story hit me pretty hard, I gave my life to the Lord years ago. But as with so many of us, we try to hold on to parts of our old life that we like but don’t really match Gods plan. I have struggle with this so many times. You said you was waiting on “your terms” maybe deep down looking for a little spot light that says look at me “I” gave my life to God. Or I’m in control of my life, I’ll do it when I’m ready. The thing is if we really wait tell “we’re ready” we will never be saved. We are all sinners and are apart from God. Until we give our selves up to Him and let Him work in our lives we will be apart from Him. But you Amy set your self aside and listen when it wasn’t in your timing. You heard God calling to you and you answered Him! Thank you for answering that call! You never know how many people that one little action may affect the rest of your life. May God Bless you and may you continue to grow in your relationship with Christ. Marry Christmas and happy Holidays!

    • Amy Carney
      Amy Carney says:

      I am super humbled and brought to tears from your response. Thank you for reaching out and I’m glad that God led you to my blog post. Very cool! It’s amazing the response I’ve had since I posted my story. May all the glory be to God! May He bless you this Christmas season!

  7. Amy
    Amy says:

    Hey Amy,
    My name is Amy & I work at Scottsdale Bible Church. I was sent your story to post to our facebook page and I read thru it first. I love it! I have all of the photos from that day and I have a few of you. I can email them to you if you want them 🙂 Let me know and I’ll pass them along.

  8. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    Amy, this week I starting thinking about buying an RV and road tripping around the USA for 6 months with my family. It probably comes as no surprise that your blog came up as I started to search. I clicked on your blog link, went to the first page (currently page 39) and after several hours of reading have landed on this page (which is currently on page 9).

    For all the wonderful stories from your trip and tips I have gleaned from your writings, I have to tell you that this post right here is the best page of the entire blog. There is beauty in obedience to Christ on His terms, not ours. That beauty shines through in this post. Thank you for being obedient to His call.

    God bless, Andrew

    PS I have several pages of notes including the route you took, places of interest etc if you are interested in having them to potentially post at some point. I did a post like that in 2013 at the end of a different trip we did with our family when our oldest were in Middle School. It has been a post we have referred back to often to remember where we were at certain times and also to jog our memories about different aspects of the trip.


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