Too busy to volunteer tomorrow on Make A Difference Day?

Did you know that Make A Difference Day always falls on the 4th Saturday in October? Tomorrow’s nationwide event is the largest day of community service and volunteering across the USA. I hope you are scheduled to do something fabulous in your community! But, if you’re like our family, what happens if your Saturday is already booked solid?

Who doesn’t want to be out there making a difference in this world? I know I do, but I’m busy like the rest of y’all. When I realized that Make a Difference Day was around the corner, I got excited envisioning our family joining forces on an amazing volunteer experience together. That is until the reality of our calendar set in and I realized that our Saturday is already full of hockey practice, baseball tournament games, a soccer game two hours away and a fun adult charity event to close out the day. Feelings of disappointment swept through me as I really want to be a part of this meaningful effort! Why is it that our schedules are so full that we rarely can fit in time to do something that improves the life of another?

It is just reality with four active kids. It’s the family stage we’re currently in. It’s nothing to beat myself up about, but it is a reminder that I have to be very intentional about carving out time for serving others.

5 ways we can still make a difference in the world if we’re just too busy to volunteer on Make a Difference Day

1. Use this Day to inspire you to get some volunteer time on your calendar. Don’t know where to even begin? Try VolunteerMatch and learn about upcoming service opportunities in your area. In Arizona, Hands On Greater Phoenix is an awesome resource. Start thinking about the upcoming holiday season and what you would really like to do with your family to give back this year. Get it booked and on your calendar now!

2. If your Saturday is tied up with kids activities like ours, bring Coach a coffee to the field or write a note just thanking him for taking time to make a difference in your kids lives. (Leave out the part that you are unable to be a part of any fabulous Make a Difference official volunteer event because he has taken up your entire Saturday, once again, and filled it with monotonous games. Oh, did I just say that out loud?)

3. Drop off a note or some flowers to a friend telling them how they make a difference in your life. Too often we take for granted the ones we love the most. Put forth a little extra effort to show someone what they mean to you.

4. Maybe we just actually stop today and look that person in the eye holding that cardboard sign. We don’t know their story and just maybe we give them a few bucks, a snack or a word of encouragement.

5. When you’re on the road grabbing a bite to eat, overtip that single Mom waiting your table generously because it can make a difference in her being able to pay her rent on time next month.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not always going to be possible to be able to participate in the big event, celebration or cause. Let Make a Difference Day remind us to strive to make a difference in the lives of others wherever we may find ourselves every day.

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