How to Make an Easy Rubber Band Camping Clothesline


My creative Mother made me this handy clothesline out of rubber bands and we used it all of the time while on our RV journey around the USA.

Want to make your own rubber band camping clothesline?

Here’s how….

  1. If using regular rubber bands, buy the thicker ones. Don’t get cheap dollar store type.
    Use appx. 20-25 bands and make into a chain by looping end to end.
  2. Make 3 chains of equal length. Holding one end of each chain together in your hand loop the end together in a large knot, leaving a grouping of 3 bands at the end for hanging.
  3. Take the loops formed at the end of knot and hang over something such as a knob and begin to form a braid with the 3 strands, stretching braid gently as you go.
  4. When you get down to about the last 6 inches hold the end loops together again and loop into another large knot.

Remember that many campgrounds won’t let you hang clothes outside to dry, so this rubber band clothesline worked perfectly inside our RV too!

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What tips have helped you when traveling around by RV?

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