What makes a life interesting?
My friend, Kelly, worked a profitable direct sales business with me for a few years, until we both quit when it no longer served our souls. Her new passion involves making homemade kombucha and baking super healthy, gluten free baked goods for Fermentation Farm in Huntington Beach. When she talked about her new interest, it was like she was speaking in tongue. I didn’t understand what she was saying and really why she would even have an interest in all of that. I had to get over to Orange County to spend a day with her just to see what in the world she is doing. Her passion for her new venture was contagious. Now I’m ordering jugs of coconut oil off a truck that delivers from Oregon.

You need individual interests to be interesting.
Just scroll through your Facebook wall. Who do you find interesting? Are you interested in which kid received a high academic honor or won some out of state tournament game? My interesting radar isn’t peaked by kids accolades. Those achievements belong on the kids social media if it makes them feel interesting. I understand feeling pride in our kids. I’m right there with you. It’s those payoffs that make us feel like we’re doing this Mothering thing right! Sometimes I can’t help myself in posting something from proud Mom mode either. It’s human nature. Our kids are the center of our universe.
But, let’s not mistake our kids accomplishments as our own lives being interesting.
An interesting life means filling our own personal tanks through change and growth.
Adding to our life repertoire every year.
Meet new people, fuel old relationships and learn from them both.
Go new places and get lost.
Love the unlovable and make a difference in this world.
Interesting takes effort.
Interesting is not vanilla.
Vanilla is ordinary.
Ordinary is boring.
There are definite periods in our lives where interesting is not available to us. I know I spent a good 3 years living in survival mode as I took care of four kids in diapers with my husband tied to his NHL schedule. (Yes, I had help.) There was no time for interesting and those were tough years for me.
Can you even believe 2015 is coming to an end? We are a month and a half away from saying goodbye to yet another year. Have you lived this year like you wanted to? Did you do interesting things and meet interesting people along the way? I hope so because life is too short to not be interesting.
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  1. Linda Bandler
    Linda Bandler says:

    I totally agree with you, Amy. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and it does take work to change things up. But, as we get older, it’s easy to see that time is limited and there is a whole big world out there to see and interact with! Great piece!


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