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Could your family adopt from foster care?

You are raising your kids and you think your family is complete. But, there are many children living in foster care who need you. These kids have no stable place to lay their heads at night and are living in the midst of uncertainty. There are many older children waiting and wondering if they will […]


Parents Are You Properly Pushing Your Kid?

Parents we need to be properly pushing our kids. Your son doesn’t want to do it, so he doesn’t have to do it. Whatever he wants. Your daughter doesn’t feel like doing something, so she doesn’t have to. Whatever she wants. Heaven forbid our children ever feel disappointed, afraid, unhappy or uncomfortable. We wouldn’t want that now, would we? Or […]


Dear Overwhelmed Momma,

All too often we parents feel overwhelmed while raising our kids. Our overwhelm paralyzes our parenting and we don’t accomplish all that we hope for our families. We’ve got a lot of ideas and things we want to do, but somehow another day passes without us actually implementing any of them. Here’s a recent email […]

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5 Things Parents Must Tell Their Children

We parents today are fantastic at telling our babies how wonderful they are at everything they do. We slap stickers of their sports team logos and the schools they attend on the backs of the cars that we shuttle them around in. We happily tout their sports victories and weekend wins on social media for all to […]


4 Tips to Being an Intentional Tooth Fairy

I’ve been thrown into early retirement. Pushed out before my time. My kids tiny, wiggly teeth have been replaced with mouths full of metal braces. It’s hard to believe that my role as the Tooth Fairy is over. Before I pack away my wings, I want to pass along some wisdom to you on National Tooth Fairy […]