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Dear Overwhelmed Momma,

All too often we parents feel overwhelmed while raising our kids. Our overwhelm paralyzes our parenting and we don’t accomplish all that we hope for our families. We’ve got a lot of ideas and things we want to do, but somehow another day passes without us actually implementing any of them. Here’s a recent email […]

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5 Things Parents Must Tell Their Children

We parents today are fantastic at telling our babies how wonderful they are at everything they do. We slap stickers of their sports team logos and the schools they attend on the backs of the cars that we shuttle them around in. We happily tout their sports victories and weekend wins on social media for all to […]


4 Tips to Being an Intentional Tooth Fairy

I’ve been thrown into early retirement. Pushed out before my time. My kids tiny, wiggly teeth have been replaced with mouths full of metal braces. It’s hard to believe that my role as the Tooth Fairy is over. Before I pack away my wings, I want to pass along some wisdom to you on National Tooth Fairy […]


What your banana bread is missing…..

I know I said that my kids make their own school lunches every day. And they do. But, every once in awhile I like to be Super Mom and bake them some homemade, possibly healthy, goodies to pack up with their pre-packaged sides. You make banana bread. I make banana bread. We all can make […]


Parents, this post is your warning…

As parents our days can be long. Dreadfully long when the kids are young. It’s not until we catch a glimpse of our teens, as toddlers in an old photo, that the passing of time stops us in our tracks. In that moment we’re reminded that our children really are racing toward childhood’s finish line […]


You are dying. Live like it.

What if you knew you were going to die this year. Would that change the way that you lived? Would you make different choices and decisions in your family because you knew there was an end? I stood in the high school gymnasium bleachers, chatting with a friend about our plans for the upcoming winter […]


The Power of $12

I consciously handed out Christmas cards last month to local friends to see how much I could save by forgoing stamps. It was a little experiment to bring awareness to my personal wasteful spending. I handed out 26 cards throughout December, saving me just over $12. I purposely cut back to have some extra cash […]