Camping season is upon us! How many of you are out there enjoying the great outdoors in your RV? We’re gearing up to spend July in dear Ally B, so I compiled a list of some handy ideas for making RV life perhaps a bit easier and less expensive!


1. Most campgrounds unfortunately come with bugs. Bring along hotel shower caps to cover your dishes for your outdoor meals! Don’t forget your cute, water-stain resistant table cloth too!


2. Use old comforter bags to store kids shoes while driving to keep dirt out of your motorhome!


3. Buy (or make your own) shower lanyards for kids to take to the campground showers! We ordered ours off of Amazon!


4. Keep your RV bathroom clean and toughen up the kids by sending them to the nice campground showers! Get plastic baskets for each child to take with them containing their own shower lanyard, pajamas and towel. Be sure to get a different colored towel for each kid too!



5. Long day on the road? Put dinner in the crockpot to cook in the sink while you’re driving, so it’s all ready for when you arrive.


6. Forget buying the expensive RV hangers! Cut a pool noodle in half and wedge on top of your hangers so that clothes don’t fall off in your closet while you’re driving.


7. Make a clothesline out of rubber bands to dry clothes outdoors or inside your RV. This clothesline is amazing because it’s flexible and takes up no room to store!

Want to make one? Here’s how:

If using regular rubber bands, buy the thicker ones. Don’t get cheap dollar store type.
Use appx. 20-25 bands and make into a chain by looping end to end.

Make 3 chains of equal length. Holding one end of each chain together in your hand loop the end together in a large knot, leaving a grouping of 3 bands at the end for hanging.

Take the loops formed at the end of knot and hang over something such as a knob and begin to form a braid with the 3 strands, stretching braid gently as you go.

When you get down to about the last 6 inches hold the end loops together again and loop into another large knot.

Happy Summer! Happy Camping! What are some of your favorite tips when traveling by RV?

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  1. James Bergman
    James Bergman says:

    You have some really great tips. I think my favorite has to be having the crock pot in the sink cooking dinner while traveling. This way the first meal doesn’t have to be hot dogs every time. It will be a big relief for me, but I don’t think my kids care much. Oh well, I am the one driving, so I get to pick the first meal:).

  2. Ivy Baker
    Ivy Baker says:

    I loved what you said about how you should toughen up your kids and make them use the campground shower. I am a clean freak and I would hate to have to deep clean an RV shower. So, if I prevent my trailer from getting super dirty I would be happy.

  3. LNweaver
    LNweaver says:

    That’s a clever idea to cover food with shower caps. That way you’ll attract fewer bugs and they’ll be less likely to get at your meal. My wife used to love traveling with family when she was younger; I might have to invest in an RV.

  4. Ashley Maxwell
    Ashley Maxwell says:

    Thanks for your comment about how RV’s making camping more enjoyable and easier. I appreciate your tips for traveling such as putting the crockpot in the sink so you can drive while your food is being made. My family is considering getting a new RV so we can go on a family camping trip this summer!


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