10 Reasons to Visit Winslow, Arizona

1.  Stay Overnight at LaPosada Hotel
LaPosada entrance

The crown jewel of Winslow is the LaPosada Hotel! This amazing piece of historic architecture is known as the last of The Santa Fe’s great railway hotels. It has been beautifully restored and I would love to tell you all of the details of this special place, but I don’t want to spoil your visit.  The grounds are gorgeous and it’s so relaxing to just walk around and take in all of its beauty.

Front of LaPosada

I took a video of our room here, so you could check it out. Our room was the one on the upper right with the standing balcony with the turquoise double doors. I love that the hotel doesn’t change its pricing for rooms according to the season or holidays. It’s always the same.

2. The Turquoise Room Restaurant

The Turquoise Room

The restaurant in the hotel is why we were excited to stay here. Chef John Sharpe uses regional ingredients to create delicious, unique dishes in his restaurant. We loved our dinner and breakfast the next morning in this dining room.

Us at LaPosada

3. Walk around LaPosada and soak up the art and ambiance

LaPosada main room

4. Take the Amtrak train from the LaPosada Station

Winslow-Arizona-SantaFeRailroad- Amtrak-LaPosada-Hotel-Station
Amtrak stops twice a day here on the way to Flagstaff and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Amtrak-station-LaPosada-Hotel-Wislow-Arizona5. Shop around the LaPosada lobby

Just wandering around the LaPosada gift shop was a treat. They have so many unique, artsy items for sale, that you can’t help but buy something. If you’re a guest of the hotel, they also have complimentary coffee, water, and apples in here for you.

6. Wander Route 66
winslow storefront

We took a sunrise walk all around Winslow and it was so peaceful as we were the only ones out and about. This also meant that none of the diners or shops were open yet, so I can’t fill you in on those. Such a fun street!

7. Standin’ on the Corner Park
Route 66

“I’m standin’ on a corner in Winslow, Arizona, such a fine site to see.” Thanks to the Eagles’ first hit single, Take It Easy, most of us have heard of this northern Arizona town. This corner is now a fun photo opportunity on the most famous corner of Route 66.

route 66 diner

8. Walk along the First Street Pathway Winslow walking path

This path runs parallel to the train tracks and is a really pretty walk. How fun to come across Arizona’s gift from wood sculptor Peter Wolf Toth. In each of the 50 states, Toth carved these totems as a tribute to honor all Native Americans across the country. We did come across some others along our RV trip around the USA in 2014!

Winslow statue

9. Visit Remembrance Garden
Rememberance Garden WinslowWinslow’s 9-11 Memorial is dedicated to the tragic events of September 11, 2001. It’s located at the rest area park on the east end of town.  You’ll have to drive to it, as it’s a far walk from the hotel. The beams given to Winslow from the City of New York are the largest given to any community in the nation!

Winslow-Arizona-Rememberance-Garden-Sept. 11

10. Go to McHood Park

Just a short drive away is McHood Park. Bring your family and a kayak to head down the beautiful reservoir to jump off the rocks at Clear Creek Canyon. We can’t wait to bring the kids back here one day!


This local spot is where you can rent kayaks on your way to the park. I heard they sell out early, so plan in advance!

(Winslow is 185 miles north of Phoenix off the I-40 east.)

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