How to Create a Vacation Sand Bottle Collection

If the house goes up in flames, I want my people, my scrapbooks and my sand bottles.

Forget the jewelry, just grab the sand.

My sand bottle collection represents memories I’ve gathered over the past decade of my life.

The 46 unique bottles grace our master bedroom fireplace mantel and represent travels I’ve made near and far with my family, husband, girlfriends, or by myself. Each and every bottle is full of earthly treasure attached to stories of travel and exploration.

Our homes are a haven where our family story is told through what graces our walls, shelves, and mantels. Everything we choose to display in our house is a reminder of what we deem important.

Our homes are a tangible way to tell the story of who we are and where we’ve been. Look around. This is us.



All you need is plastic bags for gathering sand when you travel. Be sure to mark the bags with your date and destination.

Then grab an acid-free pen, plastic funnels, various tags, ribbons, jute, and most importantly a collection of unique glass bottles.


I love searching for unique glass bottles at craft stores, garage sales, thrift shops, grocery stores, and beachside tourist shops. Make sure they each also have a secure top!


Add photos or other memorabilia to your jars for added interest. Looks like I can’t travel anymore until I get a larger display area for my collection!


If you’d rather watch a video of how it’s done, here you go…it’s only about 7 minutes too long! 😉

Have you started a vacation sand bottle collection?

What have you gathered and collected throughout your travels that are meaningful to you?

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  1. Jennifer Bryant
    Jennifer Bryant says:

    Love this! My husband brought me sand from different beaches on Oahu, where we shared special moments together. We dated overseas, so he sent me little bottles with corks just like yours, and a tag with the description of our memory. They’re displayed on a shelf in our bedroom, so special 🙂


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